Dance For Peace 2 (2018-2019)


Elif Şen


From August 22, 2018 to March 10, 2019


peace is possible

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Sustainable Development Goal

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


Dance, which is the only common language and cultural entity all over the world, is the only anonymous art that humans possess. Dance has developed and changed with the music types that have been intertwined for centuries as religious, folkloric and community dances. Today it will continue to be the common art of mankind by exchanging with others.
At first, 'Country' dances came out and Europe was lost. Behind each figure was a separate expression 'Kadrıl' dance fashion. This original danstan then conquered all the hearts of the dance 'Vals' from the longest life of the dance history. Meanwhile, when Welsh settled in Vienna, 'Polka', a more dynamic and fast dance of the same kind in Paris, became fashionable. Then, with 'Mazurkâ', a lot of moving dances appeared, with the American Kadirli and the 20th century. to the beginning. At the beginning of the 20th century, a very different dance from the hot countries began to be loved; This dance was Tango.
Young people who participate in dance studies by way of this discourse of "Atatürk 's dance, which is called' Dance is a civilized necessity ', are developing social aspects such as cooperation, cohesion and so on, and they are adapting more quickly.
We wanted to show that we came out with this understanding and that the dance to people could actually be a tool for peace.
And in an organization where dancers from all over the world will attend, we have tried to create awareness by dancing for peace.


Our goal at the international festival is to remind thousands of people from all colors and cultures of every color and to summarize what it means for us and to spread it everywhere we go.
From 1900 to 1999, we remembered that all the peace treaties that have been made in the past are here today, maybe we can dance on the basis of these agreements.
For this reason, dance is a freedom, a privilege. Nobody makes people happy by dancing or unfortunately dancing. motivation.
There were people celebrating and dancing after signing each mark.
JCI Cultural Founder has many dance instructors and social dancers from its chairmen to the present day. It is mostly Latin dances.


The openning day of the Istanbul dance festival we'll dance with 2000 people at the same time.
Dancers have been ınformed on the agreements between 1900-1999 years of peace agreements of the world.
we can come from different cultures or different countiries but we are live in a one world so we need to be together hand to hand for a better future and we start it with dancing.


We will dı it again in İstanbul dance festival with the biggere number like 5000 dancer at the same time . Dance for peace

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