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From January 15 to March 21, 2019


we want to celebrate as a national festival day for children with down syndrome every year

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In order to ensure that children with Down's syndrome develop an independent, productive and socially integrated life, the 21st of March World Down Syndrome Day is intended to be the National JCI Festival.


In Turkey, about 2,000 babies a year are born with Down's syndrome. Around 6 million people with down syndrome live worldwide. no clear data in Turkey, but it is estimated that 100 thousand people.
Emine Zeylek, who teaches as a special education specialist in the disabled centers, started the "Children of the Sun" project in this process. While teaching these children, she also defined the results of her data as follows;
Children are transformed
Children are socially removed
Children were forced to turn into the negative gaze of society
Children are bored with curious looks and turned into
Children cannot socialize
And a lot of headlines going on...
Children with Down syndrome have an average age of 35 years. Every child who is valued is naturally successful and happy within their competences. The child who is shifted from society completes his / her short life unhappy that's why she started to organize "Children of the Sun" platform for their happiness.
At the strategic planning meeting of JCI Besiktas, a project was aimed to increase awareness about Down Syndrome Day. While working under the title of active citizenship, we contacted the "Children of the Sun" platform. As a result of the meeting, we decided to engage in fellowship.
After the partnership, 100 children with Down's syndrome (48 girls-52 boys) were invited to participate in the project. In total, 250 children with down syndrome and their families participated in our project. The home addresses of the families who will participate in our invitation and the body sizes of the children were requested. With the support of our sponsors who supported our project, we ordered clothes for our children with down syndrome according to their size.
Boys and girls between the ages of 02-27 were selected with the same clothes. The clothes ordered for the children with Down's syndrome to be worn on the day of the event were shipped to their home address. The project was supported by the Municipality of Esenyurt Nene Hatun Cultural Center for the ballroom. With the service provided by the municipality, our children were taken from the nearest points to their homes with their families and brought to the Nene Hatun Cultural Center. Animator clown team, Cotton candy and Popcorn stands, Inflatable park, Bubble Show, Dj performance, birthday cake, firework & confetti, Bando team, face painting and cathering company to meet the fun and needs of children. 250 people have luch (the menu; Doner kebab, rice, salad, dessert and ayran)
Each child's shoes were given as a gift at the party with the shoe number information received from the families. All children were given educational game kit (which is name bak diz boz)
While carrying out this project, we received sponsorship from 14 companies and 7 individual volunteers. Total amount of sponsorships is approximately 5000 Euro.
Together with their families, children had a day in the community where they felt valued and happy.





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