JCI Children Of Sun


Elif Şen


From December 8, 2017 to February 24, 2019


Anywhere in the world the effect of the teachers working with children and youth is very important. The impact of one person can change the future. The project started with a teacher sending a message to our branch through digital media and spread with butterfly effect. It initiated digital transformation in Çatak district of Van region. The project continues to develop latest technologies to the disadvantaged areas. In accordance with Article 4 of the United Nations Development Goals “Quality Education” and Article 10 “Reduced Inequalities”, under the concept of sustainable cities, with the technologies available at our time, the project goes on aiming to offer to the children and adults in the region an opportunity to develop themselves, prepare for the future. An important thing for the children in the neighborhood is for their desires and role models to be understood. Now, among them there are those who want to be a designer or a scientist. There are also those who dream about getting the Nobel award. The children we work with will be more confident in the future.

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Sustainable Development Goal

Sustainable Cities and Communities

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Education and Economic Empowerment


Fatma is that kind of teachers who want to give the best education to her students and contribute to their shortcomings. Our work on sustainable delevopment plans got her attention. The teacher reached JCI Culture from the village of Van region, which is 1700 km away from Istanbul, through social media in order to get support for education of 125 children. The project is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. JCI brings together all parts of society and being one of the branches we took an action. To the project, which started with just a message of a teacher, we added butterfly effect. With this, the project has also created a dream for local people for the better future life. The project successfully demonstrates the power of involved partners and active citizens to create a better world. Private and government institutions we cooperated with are: National Education Ministry in Van, Administration of the village, GFK Turkey company, Cangöz Music, Fatih Kalem, LR, Hasbro Inc, Pimas, Diamond Consultancy, Istanbul Business School, Obeya Human Resources, Symcon, Son Media, 9 SME companies. In order to provide broad and high quality education for everybody, and provide opportunities for children to develop, prepare themselves for the future, we are trying to bring latest technologies to the students and families located in remote and disadvantaged regions.


According to Article 4 of the United Nations Development Goals “Quality Education” and Article 10 “Reduced Inequalities” we aim to provide an opportunity for children to develop, educate and prepare for the future life by means of the technological change. With the project we are trying to bring the latest technology to the remote areas and help with its usage. In order to reach the Goals we partnered with private and governmental institutions, National Ministry of Education in Van region, village administration and sponsors.


GFK Turkey company; 15 computers, 500 pax Fatih pencil stationery materials, Cangöz Music; 300 pax stationery materials, LR 300 stationery materials, JCI Culture members; 40 parcels books.


With the vision of becoming a global network of active young people; with the active participation from all of the members, our projects, goals and activities will enable them to gain a long-term and future-oriented perspective. We have already established strategic partnerships. Strategic planning is very important in terms of minimizing the uncertainties of the future and ensuring sustainability. JCI LOGO has helped us even from 1700 km away. In addition, other NGOs found the value of partnering with JCI Culture. For this reason, the JCI is a very important example for our young citizens and the Nonprofit Organization (NGO) proved to be the foundation of this project. Being a CSR partner for local companies has enabled CSR PROGRAM to focus on the sponsorship of children's education. We have listened and seen presentations from all of our project directors. With this project which was aimed for the mission of contributing to the positive development of the society by providing opportunities for the growth of the youth has been developed. Thanks to the prepared strategic plan, the methods and tools to achieve these were presented in a manner that can be measured by the performance criteria.

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