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Paolo Bellotti


From October 22, 2017 to March 3, 2019


Families with little children under 5 years old

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Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

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Education and Economic Empowerment


To allow families with small children to find a protected environment where they can bring their children, bring them closer to the theatrical reality and allow them to socialize among themselves


Starting from the analysis of the need of our territory, the need was highlighted, for the families of the territory that have small children, to find places, that are not shopping centers, to spend a Sunday together, in a warm and protected place and that at the same time allow you to socialize with other parents.
It was created together with the municipal administration, the Varese community foundation, the city theater and a theater company specializing in children's shows.
The project is held on a Sunday a month from October to March and is organized in a theatrical theme show where children have fun together with their parents and at the end, while the children continue to play, parents can socialize with each other during brunch.


In two editions over 300 people (about 80-100 families) attended the event increasing the number of participants from time to time, so that in the last dates it was necessary to also add the evening event due to overbooking for the morning . Each family then left positive feedback allowing the organizing team to constantly improve.
This type of project has also had tremendous feedback on social media and local media so as to reach a total of over 10,000 people.
Thanks to the project which is also linked to education for theatrical events, the city theater has received a recognition from the cariplo foundation (a famous banking group) for the service offered to citizenship.


The project, in addition to achieving the goal of providing families with a place where they can find and have fun with their young children, has generated great visibility for our local organization and partners. For these reasons a third edition will be created for the next autumn-winter season.

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