JCI Annual Conference 2011


Anneli Ohvril


January 17, 2012


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The aim of this year´s 2011 conference was to introduce the different cultural and business experiences of entrepreneurs around the world, and to broaden the possibilities for self-accomplishment among young people. What adventures might you expect in China? How to be rich barefooted? How to communicate with the natives, so that they wouldn´t have you for dinner? Can one really understand and love a person who speaks a different language? How to earn your first million? How weird must one be to differ from the crowd? When is it time to move to another planet? Together we found answers to these and many other questions on our journey around the world. The program was very colourful, including key-notes, trainings, Word Cafe, World Trade Show, case-room, video room, TOYP, Award Ceremony, General Assembly, entertaining program, game- lounge, parties and Gala.

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