JCI Christmas Soup for Auticentrum České Budějovice


Marie Rysová

Local organization

JCI South Bohemia

National organization

Czech Republic


Marie Rysová


From December 14 to 21, 2018


30 000 CZK

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Reduced Inequalities

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


Cooperation with local NGO Auticentrum focused on helping the centre to continue and expand the provided services for autistic people. Raising awareness of autism and social isolation of families with an autistic family member. Fundraising to help Auticentrum buy a new transportation vehicle to bring the clients to the real world to provide the experience of the to the clients.


Members of JCI South Bohemia organized a stall at a traditional Christmas market in České Budějovice in cooperation with Auticentrum - the local non-profit organisation providing services for autistic clients. The members of the local JCI organisation got together and cooked 60 liters of soup - a comfort food to warm up visitors of Christmas market. The soup along with Christmas punch and hand-made Christmas decorations made by Auticentrum clients and employees was available for a minimum donation of 50 CZK. Through various channels of marketing campaign JCI South Bohemia and Auticentrum invited the whole community to come to the stall and get some soup/hot punch/hand-made decorations during the advertised 3 days. JCI members were serving shifts in the stall.


Hundreds of soup portions and Christmas punch cups were sold during the 3 days in Christmas market in České Budějovice. JCI members used the opportunity to learn more about autistic people and their needs and to discuss the topic with each visitor of the stall. People coming to Christmas market were open to learn something new and offer a contribution to the activity. In the uplifting atmosphere JCI South Bohemia and Auticentrum raised more than 46,000 CZK and brought autism to attention of dozens of people. The project also helped to promote JCI South Bohemia and our effort to make a positive impact in local community.


Along with the soup, also Christmas punch was very popular, non-alcoholic version could help to increase the profit even more. The project gained more publicity because of close cooperation with Auticentrum to spread the invitation. Better advertising on social media before and after the event could improve the publicity and financial outcome even more.

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