YWAP (Youth With A Purpose)


Hubert Song En Ngo

Local organization

JCI Kuching

National organization



Hubert Song En Ngo


From March 12 to September 30, 2019



Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


To lead the youth and teenagers to be responsible on their choice they make and be clear on the direction on their life. Mange well withtheir time and take action to on their goal.


this project is to impact the 7000 young generation on their attitude mindset towards their goal, and have clear picture of the future that they want. Before we do this project, we have done the survey, we had been visited from school to school and found that they are lack of passion on their life. So, we lead our JCI Kuching members to become our trainers and present to students and have a workshop to guide them to find their responsibility of their choices. At the same time, our members will gain and improve while sharing with the students. After 2 years of doing YWAP project, we turn back to schools to have interview teachers how was the students after attending our talk. They started to manage their time to do what is really important first. This project will coming to phrase 2, which is enhanced to the whole Sarawak.

Actions Taken

Febraury, March and April to reach out 1,000 students planing to extend to Sabah and other city of Sarawak. Increase of corporate and University to join us in this project,


Impacted 10,000 students in 3 years by knowing the root cause of lack of passion and responsibility on themselves that cause them to give up themselves by showing that they don't like to study. So, the motive of this project is to let them know they still have hope even though they're not good in studying. Towards our chapter, members became more active after they have conducted the talk in school. Public and Corporate started to recognize us after 3 years of hard work.


We recommend other chapters of JCI members to support us by sending their members to collaborate with us, or to become our speakers. We can work together to bring out JCI values and bring our members to the next level.

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