Tooth Fairy


Mutlu Toksöz

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JCI Adana

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Mutlu Toksöz


April 21, 2019


To make oral and dental screening of children between 7-12 years age and make them aware of dental care.

Target population


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Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

Development stage

Health and Wellness


The aim of this study was to provide oral and dental health of children with delayed treatment because of their living conditions and to intervene by making oral and dental scans in advance and to inform children about their nutrition from brushing techniques to make oral and dental health sustainable.


At the age of 7-12 children who live in Child Protection Service, oral and dental screening was performed to prevent dental problems. Fluorine was applied to the children in order to provide the children with resistance to the maximum level of resistance for the rotten tooth. Before April 23rd National Sovereignty and Children's Day, they were motivated by clown and dance performances to live together with this enthusiasm.


At the end of the event,
- All participants were informed about Oral and Dental care.
- Mouth-tooth scan was performed to 70 children. It was determined that 25 children needed urgent dental intervention.
- At the end of the day, 120 affected people understood once again that, unity and togetherness were meaningful.
- 75 Euro spent although the total cost was 1000 Euro. (huge part of cost was secured by sponsorships)


- Project involving these kind of activities may be carried out with more stakeholders to make more impact.

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