Sherifdeen Molik


April 27, 2019



Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being

Development stage

Health and Wellness


1. To provide free access to medical treatment
2. To reduce death rate due to Malaria effects.
3. To reduce death rate due to Hepatitis B virus scourge.
4. To reduce death rate due to Hepatitis C virus scourge.
5. Reduce death rate due to HIV/AIDs Virus.
6. Sensitize the community on reducing the spread of the virus.
7. Promote better health and wellness of the community populace.
8. Increase awarenes on the deadly Hepatitis B and C, and HIV virus.



During our visit to the community head, we had the need analysis carried out by providing questionaire to the populace and we realized they have little access to good medical care. During the execution of the project, over 400 were sensitized on the diseases, they were screened to know their status on Hepatitis B and C, HIV/AIDs, and Malaria, those tested negative were vaccinated courtesy of ADONAI-RAPHA Medical Centre and those tested positive were reffered to the Barau Diko General hospital and Adonai-rapha medical centre. it was confirmed that 85% of the populace are yet to be vaccinated and our interaction also confirmed that they have no knowledge or awareness of Hepatitis. this led us to conclude on the need to educate, screened, and carry out vaccination for those who test negative while those who test positive will be recommended for treatment.



1. Reduced death rate as a result of Malaria
2. improved health and well being of the community people.
3. Reduced death rate as a result of Hepatitis B and C and their deadliness.
4. Reduced death rate as a result of HIV and its deadliness.
5. Reduced greatly the possibility of the transmission of the diseases.
6. Encourage hygienic living.
7. Achieved SDGs 3, 4, 11 $ 17



1. promotion and awareness on Hepatitis B and C should be encouraged.
2. advocate for cheaper treatment for those tested positive.
3. Promote awareness on HIV/AIDS and its deadliness.
4. Continous education and encouragement of citizens to check their status regularly.
5. Promote awareness on Malaria.
6.promote affordability of the vaccines and malaria drugs.
7. more of this kind outreach should be done by other LO.

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