National Flagship Project KICK-OFF TO FUTURE (HoChiMinh-HaNoi-DaNang)


Lan-Anh (Alley) Ho

Local organization

JCI Central Saigon

National organization



Lan-Anh (Alley) Ho


From April 14 to December 30, 2018


Senior Students and Fresh Graduates who are unemployed or lack of soft skills in more than 200 universities in Vietnam

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

Lack of platforms where provide training experience and certify skillful students, especially self-management, leadership, teamwork & interpersonal skills

Sustainable Development Goal

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


In 2018 in Vietnam, there are so few projects focused on Sustainable Development Goals. Due to the lack of recognition of SDGs in local chapters and overall knowledge was low, JCI Vietnam wanted to create a nationwide project in which we would introduce SDGs to a larger community, especially with Goal number 8: DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH. We chose KICK-OFF TO FUTURE (KOTF) to become our national flagship project due to its success in the previous 2 years conducted by LOM Central Saigon JC in providing development opportunities for young students to approach JCI-platform skill training. This project (KOTF) targeted the university/college students to achieve:

• Develop positive and constructive mindset for working environment;

• Self recognition for themselves and teammates by discovering strengths and weaknesses by Big5 Model (world's psychology)

• Build up personal thinking: critical thinking, fast&slow thinking, positive thinking

• Enhance the ability of Leasership, Teamwork and Interpersonal skills;

• Empower project management skills;

• Strengthen social responsibility and tackle social problems by creating viral videos to raise social awareness for SDGs in their own community;

• Be trained, coached and mentored by JCI members to deeply understand JCI spirit for being a better leader, better worker and server of humanity;

• Be the Inspiring ambassadors for the young generation students who know themselves to choose a right job; have better work and reduce the unemployment rate.


JCI Vietnam National Flagship Project - KICK-OFF TO FUTURE (KOTF) is called the very first job-recruitment-bootcamp in Vietnam, aims on SDG #8: DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH. It has been running in Vietnam for 3 years, approaching over 40.000 university students all over the country.

In KOTF, senior university students will have opportunity to learn & develop soft skills (trained by our JCI famous entrepreneurs & trainers) along with doing social projects based on 17SGDs.

KOTF aimed to University students as the problem that in every year Vietnam has more than 200.000 Bachelors/univesity graduates (exclude college graduates or non-education people) are unemployed while 500.000 job positions are always provided by companies/corporates.

KOTF helps solve this problem by changing the mindset of students and their parents, improving their skillset and connecting them with Mentors and Job-offering.

In 2018, KOTF has been approved to run under Vietnam National Student Association to approach all Universities in Vietnam as an official project for government university students and directly add school points for those participate in our project.

At the Public Relations stage of the project, JCI Vietnam organized 15 seminars/talkshows about deep career experience or how to strengthen leadership skill, in 15 universities of all 3 regions in Vietnam. KOTF brings the best Experts and Speakers, invited WP Brian Lim and WVP Owen Lee becoming two of those Speakers to more than 5,000 students attended. We also created a social media competition that attracted more than 500 videos on Facebook talking about social problems and 17SDGs, approaching 2 million views and reactions on Facebook by hashtag #KOTF2018.

At the Training stage of the project, KOTF made impacts with 4 camps:
- 3 regional bootcamps in HoChiMinh City, Hanoi and Danang for Top300 best participants. Students were trained in 4 days with our best JCI and Partner Trainers, provided 8 work-needed softskills. In the 4-day Bootcamp, each team of 10 students also had to deliver a viral video to call for action of doing one of 17SDGs which suits their own community and engaged 1 million views/reactions on Facebook.
- 1 national survival camp: Top50 national best candidates were sponsored to UNESCO's World Natural and Culture Heritage (Trang An – Bai Dinh) to join the 4-day survival camp in which they need to use all of the trained skills in their regional Bootcamp and bring out their best mental & physical efforts to accomplish all the team challenges. After 4 days, 2 groups of candidates graduated organizing their own Launching Event to introduce their community solution to improving Trang An - Bai Dinh Heritage's either environment or tourism.

At the Impact stage of the project, JCI Vietnam brings the Top20 best participants to a television reality show where all the angles of different job fields were shown to the nationwide student-audience. In the TV show, Top20 students need to face the challenges from the real company/sponsor in all kinds of jobs they may have: sales, marketing, PR, consultant, HR, business developer… Experts and Brand representatives will be training business skills on air for not only Top20 but also millions watchers. The show will be air on “Finance and Business TV Channel“ and bring all very demonstration of detailed parts of real career life to many other people who are finding it’s difficult to realize who they are and what their dream job is like.

The best candidates are then recruited by our JCI-member companies/ partners/ sponsors for internships. Plus, Top5 best candidates are sponsored to JCI Singapore's Leadership Asian Academy.

To make it effective in the training method, KOTF used JCI-based training materials: JCI Impact, Effective Leadership, Effective Communiations, Teamwork, SDGs, Project Management and Critical Thinking with Debating & Public Speaking. Besides, we also used Daniel Kahneman's "Thinking fast and slow" theory and Nobel prize-based TEAMSHOW platfrom - a team-game model that could allow all parties (sponsors, trainers, organizers...) to enhance challenging in any stage of the game and force our candidates to use their full ability of leadership & change-management.

With the support of JCI Central Saigon, JCI Hanoi, JCI Da Nang, National Vietnamese Students' Association, Finance & Business News TV Channel, 30 Sponsors & Partners, 15 Universities, Young Business People Association of Hochiminh City (YBA) and Trang An - UNESCO's World Natural & Cultural Heritage, KICK-OFF TO FUTURE succeeded in impacting more than 40.000 students who are Senior students or Freshly Graduates, yet including millions views and reactions online.

Actions Taken

Work with National Student Association (Government department) for paperworks
Work closely to the Youth Union and Teacher Union of targeted 5 universities in Danang
Work closely to the Youth Union and Teacher Union of targeted 10 universities in Hanoi
Work closely to the Youth Union and Teacher Union of targeted 15 universities in HoChiMinh City
Annouce on KOTF's Group & Fanpage to recruit Volunteers for other projects: The Easy Talk, Meet to Reed, JCI Vietnam events...
Talk to potentials members from universities, partners and community who joined the project
Follow up the works of 3 LOMs during their local parts
National Project Director work directly with LBOD of JCI Central Saigon, JCI Hanoi and JCI Danang through meetings, trainings and transfering the materials
Collaborate with Sponsor S-wifi (national wifi product) to show KOTF's banners to 1000 wifi hotspots at airports, restaurants and universities
Collaborate with Sponsor Truong Son Media (10 online magazines) and Finance and Business TV Channel to air and re-air all stages of the project
Organize Press Conference with 50 media channels and universities to join, invited JCI WVP Owen Lee and Facebook Vietnam's CEO Trang Le to come for a speech
Organize social media competition of making video to talk about SDGs & Career life: 2 million views/reactions
Follow students training program for TV show challenges
Follow Sponsorship benefit package & media
Invite Celebrities, Trainers, Speakers, Businessmen to join the TV show as Guest judges
Collaborate with Finance and Business TV Channel to produce the show and airing
Invite and follow the SDGs project mentors for the students (15 mentors)
Food & beverage, medical, uniform, stage, photobooth (cost included in logistics)
Media team (photography, filming, press articles writing)
Media team (photography, filming, press articles writing)
Media team (photography, filming, press articles writing)
Training team (working with Trainers & students)
Training team (working with Trainers & students)
Financial team
Financial team
Logistics & Event planning & OC team (Northern Vietnam)
Logistics & Event planning & OC team (Central Vietnam)
Logistics & Event planning & OC team (Southern Vietnam)
Work with Sponsors: Jobs, Cash, Wifi PR, Food, Uniform, Venue, Transportation
Collaborate with Sponsor TopCV (Vietnam's outstanding HR hunting agency) to connect jobs for 1500 students who have regitered KOTF
Collaborate with Sponsor VinGroup (Vietnam biggest corporate) for offering 300 internships for trained participants of KOTF
Organize the InfoDays (talkshow/seminar) in 6 universities in Hanoi (JCI Hanoi)
Organize the InfoDays (talkshow/seminar) in 2 universities in Danang & Nha Trang (JCI Danang & JCI Khanh Hoa)
Organize the InfoDays (talkshow/seminar) in 7 universities in HoChiMinh City
Work with Partners: YBA, BNI, AIESEC, Government & Media partners
Work with Social media, Press media & TV Channels
Distribute paperworks from Vietnam National Students Associations (Government department) to all universities to ask for official collaborations
Work with Unilever for Online examination through
Email marketing to 300 unviersities/colleges in the whole country


Aggregated across Vietnam in the year 2018:
• Total Sign-ups: 4.428
• Total Online Test Candidates: 2.098
• Total Views for Social Media test in the first 2 months: 1.955.489
• Total Views for Social SDG Videos: 1.021.684
• Total Universities have students participated: 227
• Total Students Impacted: 42.400
• Total Sponsors: 29
• Total Trainers: 31
• Total News about KOTF: 102 (502.000.000 results on Google)
• Project Report 2018:
• Project Plan 2019:
• Video of Training programs:
• Website:
• Fanpage:


Achieve higher levels of collaboration with Universities as official extra training program fro senior students.
By 2020, substantially reduce the proportion of youth not in employment, education or training, particularly 1.000 graduates each year (0,5%).

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