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Christopher Woo

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Christopher Woo


September 9, 2018


Beneficiaries: 1200 Elderlies of the Pioneer Generation (65 Years old & above) under the care of Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities, Volunteers: 360 Singaporeans of all ages

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The advent of social isolation in Singapore has become more prevalent with the rise of social media. While it is not the root cause, it is often associated with many social issues leading to it or as a result of it.

Our purpose for this project is to reduce social isolation felt by Singaporeans of all ages.


Gift of Autumn Programme was created in lieu of the Mid-Autumn Festival. In the past, friends and relatives would reunite to eat mooncakes, light up lanterns and watch the moon, a symbol of harmony and unity However, these traditions are gradually disappearing. In addition, there are many elderly who do not have a chance to do so as they have been left in homes or have no family to reunite with.

The act of giving is a gift to both the receiver and beneficiary. Using the festive period as an opportunity, we wanted to encourage the public to give what we have to those who need it the most, providing relief of those in need by reason of age.

At the same time, we wanted the public will see firsthand what it’s like for lesser priveleged Singaporeans by being a part of the distribution process. This allowed for friends and relatives to come together, ultimately strengthening our community bond.

This project is a continuing project from 2017.
In 2017, we went to 2 locations and distributed 500 bags of love.
In 2018, we went to 9 locations and distributed 1200 bags of love.
Each bag of love was filled with daily necessities such as drink powders, toilet paper, rice, cooking oil and biscuits, that we sourced from various sponsors and donations from the public.
To ensure our bags of love reach our intended beneficiaries, we cooperated with an organisation called “Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities” as they have a database of elderly who were most in need.

We also assigned an Area IC, Area 2 IC, Packing IC and a Photographer at each of the 9 locations for a total of 36 people on the ground to manage the event. They guided our volunteers to pack “bags of love” at the Thye Hua Kwan (THK) Senior Activity Centres (SAC). Following which, our volunteers were grouped and went door-to-door to deliver them to our beneficiaries.

Foster a greater sense of community among beneficiaries so that they do not feel forgotten and volunteers so that they will feel a deeper sense of community.


We wanted to double the number of beneficiaries from the previous year explore the feasibility of scaling up the project and managed to more than double that number from 500 to 1200.

We were very blessed that most of our volunteer from the previous year’s Gift of Autumn joined us once again and many brought their friends and relatives for the first time this year, almost doubling our volunteer base.

With experience and a successful first event, we managed to double the number of corporate partners and sponsors compared to the previous year as they believed in our cause and wanted to support it.

To support the scaling up of the project, we needed more donations to support the project and we are thankful to have had the support of our participants from the first Gift of Autumn in 2017 allowing us to almost double the donations from the previous year.



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