Together Is Better - Build Leader


Zhi Wen Cheng

Local organization

JCI Malacca City Entrepreneur

National organization



Zhi Wen Cheng


From January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019


JCI MCE Members

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Root cause

Bonding with all members

Sustainable Development Goal

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


The “Together Is Better” giving inspiration to create new bonding among JCI MCE members. This year the theme is "Build Leader" We believe that is important to provide opportunity to young member to believe themselves that they could lead and create better living for the community.


In 2018, we successfully created several new achievement and records in various competition and awards. Besides, we also managed build new relationship with local state administrative and local state council. This was help us to get more administrative support and provide better and impact full project for the local community. We also successfully build relationship with various Chinese Youth NGO in Melaka, Malaysia to create a youth union to provide opportunity, training and development for youth in the state.

Actions Taken

Invite other NGO to JCI MCE activities or attend other NGO activities and organize join activities which benefit to local youth in state.
Provide more opportunity for members to organize projects and activities
actively attend project or activities in local community project by other NGO or local council. Gather the voice of youth and suggest solution to Youth Exco.


After the first series in 2018, we managed build good relationship with various NGO and local council department. This provide opportunity to our members to organize various projects in Melaka, Malaysia with the support from local council and also NGO. We manage strengthen our NGO as one of the active NGO in the state. We believe “Together Is Better” will inspiration to create new bonding among JCI MCE members. In the new beginning of 2019, we extend the "Together Is Better" into series of project and the theme is "build leader". in the first quarter of this year, we managed organized various self development training and also JCI courses to allow our member to learn the knowledge. This will enhance the knowledge about JCI especially ACF and JCI POA among member and will provide more related and impactfull project to assist or solve the local community problem.


1. We may invite more NGO and local council actively join our projects.
2. Encourage new member to attend ACF to understand it.
3. Encourage member to involve in project and try to explore different position in various projects.
4. Encourage member to involve in other local NGO to contribute more to local community

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