water harvesting project and menstryl hygine awareness (jci jalgaon diamond city )


Jina Jain


From March 8, 2009 to May 2, 2019


Maximum no of women's girls can aware abut menstryl hygine proper

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Clean Water and Sanitation

Development stage

Health and Wellness


This project mainly purpose is that aware about the menstryl hygine proper for womens because major sickness diseases major so be aware from the major diseases so conduct this program


This project is overall can save womens or girls in major diseases because day to day life this diseases can increase no of people are patient of major diseases so proper being good health menstryl hygine is properly in womens and save the major diseases so the project can work to impactfully in society

Actions Taken

Spread awareness


Such AA large number of adolescent girls from rural areas of India are still not aware about issues related to menstruation and maintaining personal hygiene during this period and dealing with associated physical problems. They usually don’t get a proper platform to get information or discuss such issues.
An awareness session was conducted in which all associated topics related to menstruation were explained to adolescent school girls, like what is menstruation, calculation of the period, physical problems faced by girls during their periods and ways to deal with it, maintaining personal hygiene during this period and importance of maintaining hygiene, avoiding the traditional methods of using dirty cloths and promoting use of sanitary napkins, etc. Traditional myths and misconceptions in rural areas related to menstruation were discussed. FAQs by the girls related to the topic were answered by the facilitator.
After the classroom awareness session, a live demonstration of the functioning of a sanitary napkin dispenser and incinerator was given by the Facilitator, which are installed inside girls’ toilet for privacy. The facilitator explained the functions of both the machines and also explained


The best party is the are participate this any sessions and get using sanitary napkins for ur hygine proper

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