Shady Hamed


From April 10 to July 20, 2019


Parents from both genders

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Reduced Inequalities

Development stage

Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


Promotion of senior people's roles and capabilities in community and highlighting the needs, interests and unprovided opportunities of this group especially in a time when those issues are neglected. In addition to raising awareness on special-needs-parents who are showing significant achievements towards their communities and families.


In today’s fast-moving world, older people and especially those with parental duties are not given enough attention and often deemed a segment of society that is not able to adapt efficiently to the modern life and distinguish themselves. While the majority of projects today concentrate on youth or children to build on their skills, we, JCI Sweida, decided to conduct the project, Kanz, to raise awareness of parents essential rule in building our societies, and reward all the great efforts of the older generations that somehow tend to be unrecognized enough. Most importantly, to prove that this age group, if given an opportunity, still has a great potential to participate in new activities and engage in building a more civilized community on any level. Kanz which means (Treasure) started with a video of young people and children talking about the importance of their parents in their lives, and a hashtag of (You Are My Treasure) with photos of people with their parents that went viral and boosted the attitude of appreciation towards parents among community members. After that, more than 20 workshops and training session in 10 different topics were conducted. These workshops were mainly designed to meet the target group interests and help them to keep up more with technology and modern life and to boost healthy habits in elders as well. The workshops included: Healthy routines and healthy diet, Fitness and Aerobics for older people, Efficient methods of using the internet and social media platforms, Interactive English sessions, Raising children and dealing with their issues at different age periods, Yoga sessions, Literature, Gardening, Pastry and sweets making, and time management. The second stage of the project targeted athletes from special needs parents and did many activities with them which was the first time for this group to attract public attention. The third stage was an ending ceremony that included acting perform about the importance of parents and beloved ones in human’s life, and gathered parents from all backgrounds and made a great opportunity for them to socialize with people having same interests, issues and aspirations.

Actions Taken

Targetting athlete parents with mobility impairments, and holding specially designed activities convenient for all to participate in, and highlighting their athletic achievements.
A wide range of workshops was held and wisely picked to match the participants' interest and upgrade their skills in numerous subjects, with a constant focus on promoting the health and lifestyle of older people that is often considered as a secondary matter in our community.
Ending the project with a closing ceremony of participants that allowed building more connection among parents and with the trainers of all sessions, that for the change to be sustainable and continue after the project ends.
The project was launched digitally and utilized social media to widespread the main concept of the appreciation of older people and parents in our lives


A great influence was achieved on social media that reached all kinds of people and played the wanted role of awakening the feeling of responsibility and appreciation towards elder relatives. During the project, around 100 parents experienced new activities, boosted their self-confidence and showed a real interest in adapting new changes and fresh ideas regardless of age. Double of this number was impacted by the idea of the project. We heard a lot on social media and from participants about people from their circles who were impacted by the moral support given throughout the project, that in addition to the long term impacts within participants’ families. Besides the considerable amount of corporation and connections with other social stakeholders during the project, Kanz attracted new audience group to JCI. We gained high numbers of older advocates supporting all JCI Sweida work that was noticed within our community and on our social media pages. The project also introduced the special needs parents in a perfect way that showed their achievements on both personal and professional levels; and rather than staying marginalized, Kanz has led many social stakeholders to make serious plans to support this exact group. Eventually, The project clearly showed that older people, despite family responsibilities and time shortage, are still able to learn, develop and achieve.


Working well on the promotion of the project idea as it is still new to society, and show the noble reasons and potential benefits of being part of such a project to gain the trust of seniors. The work with this particular target group is rewarding and fulfilling as they are highly responsible for what the project offers them. Conducting accurately designed workshops helps linking parents more with the project by strengthening real weak points they experience in there daily life.

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