JCI KLM x WWF Malaysia


See Chang Sheng


May 29, 2019



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Peace, Prosperity and Sustainability


To take part on WWF moments and collaboration for upcoming project


WWF-Malaysia is a national conservation trust affiliated to the WWF global network.
Working to promote harmony between human beings and nature for four decades, the organisation to date runs more than 90 projects covering a diverse range of environmental protection and nature conservation work in Malaysia.

WWF-Malaysia has come a long way since its coming into being on the 13th of January 1972. In the early days we had solely focused on wildlife conservation such as saving endangered species like the tigers and turtles, today our work has extended to encompass marine and forest conservation as well; from to protecting our highlands and forests, and also our rivers and seas.

To know more what WWF is doing, undertake scientific field research, public awareness campaigns, business and industry engagement, environmental education as well as policy advocacy. WWF-Malaysia works hand in hand with local communities to improve their livelihoods while enabling their participation in conservation as well as training and supporting other environmental protection organisations in Malaysia.


Working together with WWF Malaysia for Tiger Run 2019


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