JCI SRC Awards 2011


Lee Learn Yee


February 15, 2012



People impacted



The primary aim of the JCI SRC Of The Year 2011 Award is to advocate in CSR culture into GLC, MNC and SME (Small and Medium Enterprise), as a fundamental of business practice. Specifically aims at:- - Increasing knowledge and understanding the positive impact of CSR on business and society - Developing the exchange platform to share good practices among the SME - Promoting the development of CSR management - Fostering CSR among SMEs - Recognizing good practices and efforts of CSR among SME


The last few years had seen Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) becoming one of the key benchmark of an organization’s overall success and reputation in the marketplace. It describes how organizations give back to the community by doing business in a manner that is meaningful, valuable and relevant. JCI Malaysia and JCI Entrepreneur Metropolitan KL in support of the UN Global Compact, an UN framework of 10 principles for businesses that are committed to align their operations and strategies in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption is proud to organize the JCI Socially Responsible Company Awards 2011 (JCI SRC Awards 2011) for SME Company in Malaysia. The award program is supported by the Prime Minister Department of Malaysia, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mcmillan Wood as the audit partner

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