JCI Tartus English club


Ali Jbeily

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JCI Tartus

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Ali Jbeily


From February 18 to July 8, 2019


JCI Tartus members

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Root cause

The members need a space to try and experience with the language, also to improve their debating and public speaking skills.

Sustainable Development Goal

Quality Education

Development stage

Education and Economic Empowerment


A free space for the members to experience and use their language skills more often; enhancing their methods of articulation, pronunciation, debating skills and practicing public speaking while creating a suitable and friendly atmosphere.


Answering the requests of many members of our local chapter, JCI Tartus English club aimed to create a free friendly space for the members to experience and try. The club served as an area for the members to freely practice public speaking in front of their peers, practice debating as well as learn something new every day. We chose the most suitable trainers from our chapter and different topics to talk about each session, from personal feelings to memories to exotic cultures, as well as interactive and competitive ice-breaking games and songs. the trainers also provided the attendance with notes about voice pitch, body language, audience control, points of information and controlling the flow of a debate. Many useful notes and tricks were given to the participants each session and this helped prepare a debate team for the chapter as well as choosing a suitable person to represent JCI Tartus in the public speaking competitions on both national and international levels.
JCI Tartus English club collaborated with the Syrian British Center (SBC) learning center to continue with the sessions. The center adopted the idea of the club and ensured its sustainability as it opened the SBC English club to the public with a member of JCI Tartus being the facilitator.


The club provided the members with helpful skills and a space to practice and try. In the end we prepared the representative of JCI Tartus on both national and international levels concerning the public speaking competitions, as well as the debate team.The club also achieved sustainability with the Syrian British Center adopting the idea and opening the SBC English club to the public.


Bigger rooms to conduct the sessions. Wider variety of topics and activities.

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