Peace is Possible by JCI Adana (Planting for Peace-2nd step)


Mutlu Toksöz


September 8, 2019


Ensuring peace in our society without discrimination of language, religion and race

Target population


Target avg age


People impacted


Sustainable Development Goal

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions


Peace makes everything better. We aimed to achieve equality and make peace possible by not discriminating in society


In the project, we visited 4 important historical places of Adana. “Misis – Anavarza - Kozan Castle – Dağılcak”. Our guide explained all the historical sites in the broadest way from architecture to historical background. In the last part of the trip, the participants we matched with our foreign guests painted their hands and printed the t-shirts and turned their brotherhood into an immortal memory.


As a result of the event;
• 11 different countries created a wonderful interaction together.
• Foreign nationals had the opportunity to know the history and physical geography of the country they live in.
•We distributed the Adana Postcards our foreign guests and they had the opportunity to send letters to their families with postcards


• We can also find more stakeholders to maximize the impact.
• We can host more foreign guests in cooperation with other non-governmental organizations

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