Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange Seminar (DCSX)


Magali R. Lourens


February 14, 2012


The community in general, specifically business people who have the need to raise capital by “going public”, possible investors in the exchange, professionals seeking new business opportunities and JCI IOBA Curacao, the Junior Chamber International

People impacted



To give information to a selected target market of the “Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange”.


With this project our aim was to help our members to develop the four areas of opportunities, namely Business, Community, Individual Development and Internationalism. More specific this seminar provided the opportunity to young entrepreneurs to enhance their business skills, contributing to a better economic development of our country. By analyzing the JCI mission and vision we created our own mission, vision and goal for this project. Our goal was primarily to make the many benefits of a DCSX listing known to young professionals and leading businessmen in our community. Secondary the seminar will give the target group the opportunity to receive the necessary information to the new possibility of raising capital and/or invest their excess cash and to get new ideas for doing business. Taking this into account, our slogan was “Saving has always been B.S.! However, the biggest story now is exchange”. This is to underline the benefits of raising capital and /or invest the excess cash in DCSX. Based on the aforementioned we developed our action plan and every committee member got an assigned task. We had weekly meetings whereas we defined our financial strategy, marketing strategy, keynote speaker, panel members and logistics. And also we had to report weekly the progress of the assigned task to reach the day of the event. To top everything of we were blessed with the presence of Mr. Eduardo Barros, JCI Area Director at the seminar.


Due to the time constraints the participants did not receive specific information regarding the DCSX. A possibility is to organize a two-day seminar in which we will deepen into the benefits and listing opportunities of the DCSX. Even though we strictly underlined what to expect from our keynote speaker and our panel members, we should have asked them in advance a draft of their speeches. The reason for this is to review beforehand the content of their speeches for quality purposes.

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