Culture meets business - Turkey


Iris Barnert


February 22, 2012


JCI members, Turkish twinning partners,

People impacted



It was our aim to serve the better understanding of the turkish culture within Germany. Germany has 5% of all population from people with Turkish background. The integration is not very easy since religion is so different from the German background. We wanted to provide some insight into political and cultural backgrounds.


On the conference we were discussing the advantages and disadvantages of Turkey becoming a member of the European Union. The turkish secretary of state would come and make a speech. We also had an expert on the Turkish culture from a German university, giving some insight into historical background and its influence on todays business. Our main keynote speaker was Turkeys biggest business owner, Kemal Sahin, who had initially created his first step of his business empire in Germany, by establishing a textile sales shop.


work together with the Embassy from the respective country. They have all the relevant connections and they also provided best press coverage for the event.

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