Board of Directors

JCI members have the opportunity to hold local, national and international leadership positions, elected each year, within the organization. JCI’s “One Year to Lead” philosophy allows members to share their talents with the organization and celebrates fresh ideas, new perspective and adaptability needed for our members to create action-oriented solutions to the challenges in their communities. JCI Mission To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. JCI Vision To be the leading global network of young active citizens.


JCI Ambassadors are individuals who have made outstanding political, business, cultural, scientific or social contributions and who reflect the JCI Mission and philosophy. JCI Ambassadors work to promote JCI by magnifying the organization's impact and by showcasing JCI to the international community.

Baybars Altuntas
Fred Dubee
John Loughton
United Kingdom
Katherine Sparkes
United Kingdom
Richard Lui
Tennille Amor
West Indies
Wayne Clarke
United Kingdom
World Headquarters

The JCI World Headquarters, located in the founding city of the JCI Movement, has a permanent, full-time staff that works to provide support and services that enable and empower JCI members to advance the JCI Mission in their communities. The JCI World Headquarters staff provides continuity as leadership changes, membership turns over and world events take place, ensuring the organization, at all levels, stays focused on achieving its long-term goals, Mission and Vision.

Kevin Hin
Secretary General
Lily Chen
Chief Financial Officer
Roberto Elias
Executive Director of Growth and Development
Dan Fox
Marketing Director
Tunji Oyeyemi
Growth and Development Director for Africa and the Middle East
Cynthia Wong
Growth and Development Director for Asia and the Pacific
Catalina Brinza
Growth and Development Manager for Europe
Rocio Acosta
Growth and Development Manager
Julie Amuedo
Communications Manager
AJ Garms
Creative Design Manager
Silvia Olmedo
Events Manager
Fabian Gruber
Events Manager
Valentina Retamozo
Programs Manager
Earl Sawyer
Foundation Administrator
Belen Rojas
Executive Coordinator
Djamo Dahirou
IT Manager
Josh Schuler
Senior IT Manager
Comfort Nkiri
Skills & Development Manager
Esther Andi
Growth and Development Coordinator for Africa and the Middle East
Alan Li

On the international level, JCI partners with global organizations with mutual values and goals to maximize the impact of the local work our members do every day.

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