JCI Alumni

JCI Alumni Program Frequently Asked Questions

Quién puede inscribirse al Programa JCI Alumni?

Cómo puedo unirme al Programa JCI Alumni?

To join the JCI Alumni Program, an individual must simply register on the JCI Alumni webpage and pay the required dues amount.

What are the membership dues for the JCI Alumni Program?

Currently the membership dues are US $150 for a 5-year membership. This amount will be reviewed annually by the JCI Board of Directors.

How do I pay dues?

After filling out the registration form available on the JCI Alumni webpage, individuals can pay dues using the secure online credit card system.

Is the JCI Alumni Program different from the JCI Senator Program?

Yes. The JCI Alumni Program is an open program available to any former JCI member who has exceeded membership age to reconnect these individuals to the JCI Movement and harness new resources in service of the JCI Mission. The JCI Senator Program is a recognition program that is open to both current and former JCI members.

Will there be elected positions within the JCI Alumni Program?

No, the JCI Alumni Program does not have a formal hierarchy. It will be administered by JCI World Headquarters at the international level, National Organizations at the national level and Local Organizations at the local level.

I’m already a JCI Senator. Do I have to pay to join the JCI Alumni Program?

Si, el Programa JCI Alumni es un programa separado del Programa del Senado JCI

What benefits do the National and Local Organization receive for taking part in the JCI Alumni Program?

Local and National Organizations will benefit from reconnecting former JCI members to current JCI member networks. Additionally, National Organizations will receive US $10 per former member who signs up for the program and Local Organizations will receive US $15 per former member. The organizations will receive these amounts as credits on the National or Local dues payment.

What role do the National and Local Organizations play in the JCI Alumni Program?

Local and National Organizations will host events locally and nationally to reconnect JCI Alumni to the JCI Movement.

While a JCI member, I moved and was part of two different Local Organizations. Which should I designate as my Local Organization?

An individual’s Local and National Organization is whichever organization the individual was part of most recently.

My National Organization has its own alumni program that I am involved in. Am I automatically a member of JCI Alumni or are the programs different?

The JCI Alumni Program is run only at the international level, and its benefits are only applicable to those who join this international program. Any requirements and benefits of a national or local alumni program are separate from JCI Alumni. Those involved in local or national alumni programs are encouraged to join JCI Alumni, as well.