Noticias — May 16, 2002

Area D Conference in Istanbul??Entrepreneurs in Action!?

A Message from Kevin Cullinane, JCI Executive Vice President and Conference Chairman Dear Past, Present, and Potential Junior Chamber Members, I can vouch for the excellent Convention and Exhibition Center and venues that await our members' arrival for this year?s exciting Area D Conference in the historic and vibrant city of Istanbul. The top-quality meeting rooms, hotels and venues are matched in every respect by the warmth of the welcome that awaits JCI members from June 12 through June 16. The city of Istanbul and the Junior Chamber of Turkey are preparing diligently for this European Conference and I look forward to welcoming you personally to this fabulous city of timeless treasures. Experience the exciting mixture that is Istanbul, a city where East meets West, the bridge between Europe and Asia, a thriving metropolitan city, exotic yet distinctly western. Ultra modern amenities, the splendors of the Ottoman past and the honored traditions of Turkish hospitality combine to make the 2002 Area D Conference a perfect meeting point for Entrepreneurs in Action!
The Conference Organizing Committee (COC) and the Area Team have been working in harmony to ensure we orchestrate a symphony of world-class personal and professional business, networking and training opportunities! In addition, since several outstanding past and current Junior Chamber International leaders will be sharing their motivational and inspirational coaching skills, the training and development of our future local and national leaders will be in great hands. Please explore the Conference website and I look forward to meeting you in Istanbul soon. Kindest personal regards, Kevin Cullinane JCI Executive Vice President and Conference Chairman
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