Noticias — May 20, 2002

Spectacular Opening of the 52nd Area B Conference

Graced with the presence of Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Akishino, the Opening Ceremony of the 52nd Area B Conference (JCI-ASPAC) was held with great pomp and rejoicing at the Yume Messe Miyagi in Sendai at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 17. More than 3,000 members attended the ceremony. The theme of the Conference, "Entrepreneurs in Action," expressed the hope that the Conference would help young leaders who will the movers and shakers of the Asian-Pacific economy to examine what real happiness is, and to commit themselves to bring joy to people through each of their activities. Under the Conference slogan, "Happiness, Sendai!," the objective of Area B members was to learn to understand and appreciate other cultures and traditions, transcending the differences of languages, religions, and national borders, as well as to create a new network embracing every member to help people lead happier lives. Several aspects of the ceremony were designed to urge participants to think about happiness.
The ceremony sent its messages so successfully that participants felt motivated to contribute to shape the future of their communities and of Asia as a whole, and to examine how we should live as global citizens. The powerful performance, expressing festivals of Sendai, marked the climax. The ceremony's drama, featuring the beauty of the four seasons in Japan, symbolized mankind?s history. At the end of the ceremony, participants sang an inspiring Japanese tune, "UE WO MUITE ARUKO." The successful Opening Ceremony?an indication that the Conference would offer delegates many opportunities to figure out what real happiness is and how to attain it?increased the citizens' interest in taking part in the events.
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