Noticias — May 25, 2002

Area B Conference: Training, Friendship, and Fun!

Part II Exceptional Training The courses and seminars offered in Sendai motivated participants to develop themselves, achieve success, and contribute to a better world. They included a One-Hour Seminar Marathon, based on JCI?s One-Hour Seminars. Past JCI Executive Vice President Teresa Alberto, as head coach, and several JCI trainers shared their experiences on how to overcome various challenges. Many other interesting seminars were also conducted, among them: Seek, Knock and Ask, with JCI General Legal Counsel Bruce Rector as head coach, taught attendees how to obtain sponsorships. I Am Always Right, with Past JCI Executive Vice President Wen Teik Lew as head coach, showed how to improve customer's satisfaction, which is everyone's job and should be on everyone's mind.
Survive, Thrive and Dive, with Past JCI Vice President Karen Smythe as head coach, instructed participants on how to move ahead with a life full of zeal. Shampoo Your Mind, with JCI Treasurer Sathyiyamoorthy Ravishankar as head coach, talked about how to thrive by changing and developing the right frame of mind. Sizzling Management, with Past JCI Executive Vice President Gary Tompkins as head coach, discussed how to solve problems from the start, settle disputes, and handle difficult people. LEAD 1 and 2, with Past JCI Executive Vice President Fernando Sanchez as head coach, provided local and national officers with the tools and the information needed for effective performance at the local and national levels. Entrepreneurs' Symposium An Entrepreneurs' Symposium was held at the Main Hall of the Sendai International Center at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 19. Dr. Junichi Nishizawa, President of Iwate University and former President of Tohoku University, and Makoto Narita, President of Inspire Corporation, were invited as panelists. Under the theme ?Strategic Business Innovation,? the two panelists led a lively discussion considering the issue from various angles and from their own perspectives. They stated that it was necessary for entrepreneurs to make sure their businesses were accessible, and to decide their strategies from a global perspective. They added that young entrepreneurs needed to think about their contributions to their communities, their countries, and the world. Rich in content, the symposium captivated the audience. Twinning Ceremony On May 19, in a venue bursting with enthusiasm and joy, a Twinning Ceremony was held under the chairmanship of JCI Vice President Ngui Ing Ing. Conference Chairman Marcelo Fernan, Jr., pronounced the opening remarks, and commemorative group photos were taken to mark the agreements. The following chapters signed twinning agreements: - Tsukuba Junior Chamber (Japan) and Bukdaejon Junior Chamber (Korea) - Matsutou Junior Chamber (Japan) and Shinan Junior Chamber (Korea) - Mandarin Junior Chamber (Singapore) and Kuala Lumpur Junior Chamber (Malaysia) - Dongdaemoon Junior Chamber (Korea) and Victoria Junior Chamber (Hong Kong, China) Japan Night: Tons of fun! More than 4,000 participants gathered for Japan Night, held at Miyagi Sports Center on May 19, the third day of the conference. Several Japanese chapters, districts, and block councils were represented in the 100 booths that had been set up for this event, one of the most popular of the Conference. On the stage, representing six different districts from Japan, performers entertained the audience with drums, guitars and various shows. Japan Night reached its climax when all participants joined in a dance called "Awaodori." It was a memorable night! For more details, please go to
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