Noticias — June 11, 2002

Outstanding Project: To Istanbul by Car

Part one: The Project Under the theme ?Entrepreneurs in Action,? Belgian Jaycees planning to attend the Area D Conference received an important sponsorship from French car manufacturer Renault. They will drive three Renaults from the Belgian city of Ghent to Istanbul, Turkey. They also obtained sponsorships from several other companies in Belgium and Turkey. Objective This daring but well-organized project has a clear objective: to proclaim a message of peace and positive change throughout Europe by uniting Europeans behind JCI?s values of faith, freedom, and service to humanity. During the trip, the delegation will visit Junior Chamber members in France, Switzerland, Italy and Greece to promote this message.
Cars and Logos All three Renaults?a Vel Satis, a Scenic RX 4x4 jeep, and a Grand Espace Van?feature the JCI logo and the 2002 European Conference logo, as well as JCI?s website address,, next to the logo of the Belgian delegation. Schedule Belgian delegation members left Ghent on Saturday, June 8, and plan to arrive in Istanbul on Wednesday, June 12, on time for the opening of the 2002 JCI Area D Conference. After the Conference, they will leave on June 16 and will be back in Belgium on June 20. For excellent details and photos, please visit their website.
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