Noticias — June 17, 2002

Meet your JCI Officers?JCI Vice President Ngui Ing Ing

Let's meet JCI Vice President Ngui Ing Ing, assigned to several Area B national organization members. Born on May 31, 1964, in Bintangor, Sarawak, Malaysia, Ngui Ing Ing is Director of Research and Development for a wood products company. She resides in Sarikei, Sarawak, with her husband Sii Lik Huo and their three children. Impressed by a Time Management training course conducted by Malaysian national officers, Ing Ing joined Junior Chamber in 1992. She participated in various local and national activities, serving as president of her chapter in 1997, and as national president in 2001.
A PRIME Graduate (1993) and JCI Senator 60380, she has attended four JCI Area Conferences and four JCI World Congresses. During 2002, she is serving as JCI Vice President assigned to the national organization members (NOMs) of Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines, and Taiwan. Her goals in Junior Chamber Vice President Ing Ing would like to share the experience she has acquired in this organization with all Junior Chamber members. She feels JCI is an organization in which you ?truly learn by doing, a university of life for the members.? She also indicates she has learned great deal in Junior Chamber, particularly regarding personal development and leadership skills. She also appreciates JCI?s international networks, which allow members from all walks of life to share their culture, knowledge and skills with others. Her advice To members aspiring to become JCI officers, Vice President Ing Ing would advise not to plan too far ahead, but to serve their fellow members and the community to the best of their ability, focusing on the steps ahead each year. ?Finally, the opportunity will come to you,? she promises.
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