Noticias — June 20, 2002

First Paperless Midyear Executive Meeting (MYE)

Junior Chamber International is hosting its first paperless Midyear Executive Committee Meeting in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. Chaired by JCI President Salvi Batlle from Catalonia, Spain, this meeting is scheduled to continue until June 23. JCI Executive Vice Presidents Ebiowei Tobi from Nigeria; Marcelo M. N. Fernan, Jr., from the Philippines; Lars Hajslund from Denmark; and Kevin Cullinane from Ireland have traveled to St. Louis and are taking part in this meeting.
Completing the Executive Committee in St. Louis for MYE are General Legal Counsel Bruce Rector from the United States, Treasurer Ravi Shankar S. from India, and Immediate Past President Georges Bouverat from Switzerland. Chief Executive Assistant Erick Candanedo and Japan Junior Chamber Secretary General Shuichi Mizuno are attending as observers. President Batlle and his team will evaluate progress on Junior Chamber?s plan of action, goals and objectives for the year, making revisions and changing direction as needed. The meeting will also focus on the implementation of the 1999 Strategic Planning Committee?s 50 recommendations, most of which have already been carried out.
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