Noticias — June 26, 2002

Why ?Entrepreneurs in Action??

Why was ?Entrepreneurs in Action? selected as JCI?s marketing slogan? The word "Entrepreneur" has a vast range of positive meanings. Primarily denoting "a person who organizes a business undertaking," it can also describe someone who takes bold actions for the community--a social entrepreneur. Innovative, cutting edge, creative, and energetic, an entrepreneur has fresh, original ideas and is ready to risk implementing them. The words "In Action" were selected to indicate that our members are active and proactive, always working toward change. Regardless of the area of enterprise?development, training, environment, children, peace, internationalism?our members help improve their communities, their countries and their world.
Junior Chamber Members Create Opportunities The slogan "Entrepreneurs in Action" depicts our members? determination and courage to create and use opportunities to generate change, to break barriers and to explore new fields. Pioneers in business and in life, they are trailblazers; they radically redefine limits, and how they can be reached and surpassed. Junior Chamber's ranks include leaders who are investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and professionals in diverse fields. Their entrepreneurial action empowers them to forge change to make the world a better place. They are visionaries, risk-takers and mavericks; they transform great dreams into reality. With strength and determination, they are reaching new limits, continually striving to do more and be more in their businesses, their communities, and in the lives they help change.
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