Noticias — July 09, 2002

Midyear Executive Committee Meeting (MYE) Highlights

We must keep our organization attractive for new generations of young people? ?JCI President Salvi Batlle On June 20, 2002, President Batlle opened the historical first JCI Midyear Executive Committee Meeting (MYE) in St. Louis, Missouri, which was also the first paperless MYE. Chesterfield and St. Louis warmly received Junior Chamber thus helping us establish our new service center in our founding city. In giving instructions to MYE participants, President Batlle asked Committee members to focus on making decisions that would ensure Junior Chamber attracts new generations of young people. He congratulated Executive Vice President Lars Hajslund on the birth of his new son, delivered on June 17, 2002.
President Batlle and the Executive Committee visited the gravesite memorial of JCI Founding President Henry Giessenbier and placed a wreath upon his burial place. JCI Senate 50th Anniversary Senate Chairman Georges Bouverat reported on plans to celebrate the Senate 50th Anniversary during the Las Vegas Congress. Noting that he had traveled to three Area Conferences to promote the celebration, he informed that JCI Senators would enjoy an outstanding program this year at Congress. He thanked JCI Senator Peter Bakos from The United States Junior Chamber of Commerce for helping establish an Area C Senate organization, and Secretary General Benny Ellerbe and staff members for handling Senate matters during the difficult relocation period. The need to reinforce JCI Senate bylaws was discussed. JCI Executive Vice Presidents Reports and Recommendations JCI Executive Vice Presidents Ebiowei Tobi, Marcelo Fernan, Jr., Lars Hajslund, and Kevin Cullinane reported on their activities and happenings in their Areas during the first half of the year. They also made numerous recommendations including: ? That JCI marketing be improved. ? That a clear-cut marketing statement be developed regarding ?Entrepreneurs in Action.? ? That JCI revamp its profile and re-evaluate its structure and operations to focus on growth. ? That future needs of the Headquarters be considered to improve services to the members. ? That JCI vice presidents receive better orientation and training, especially media training, during the January Board Meeting. ? That the New Millennium brochure be reprinted. ? That the JCI President attend more international meetings and conduct fewer chapter visits. Finances Treasurer Sathiyamoorthy Ravishankar reported that he had met with Chief Financial Officer Bill Meyer, that overall expenses were in line for the year, and that he would visit the headquarters again in October. He added that an improved and standardized format for submitting financial reports for years to come would be established. The New JCI Headquarters in St. Louis Secretary General Ellerbe cited developments in the relocation of the JCI Headquarters to St. Louis. He informed that sales had been temporarily disrupted during the move, but would be resumed. He pointed out that hundreds of resumes had been received to fill openings at the JCI Headquarters, several excellent Junior Chamber members had been hired, and the new staff had an outstanding work attitude and high standards. Rod Callies, JCI?s architect in St. Louis, presented plans and a design for the new Headquarters in Chesterfield. His 10,000-square feet design was well received by the Executive Committee. He reported the cost would be approximately $150 per square foot. The design?a blend of modern lines and a ?Mission-Inn? style that reflects the heritage of the organization?will harmonize with the architecture of the area while providing JCI with an excellent long-term home. Immediate Past President Georges Bouverat was charged by the Executive Committee to administer the construction of the new Headquarters, which should commence within the year. Best Business Plan (BBP) Competition General Legal Counsel Rector reviewed the program and recommended that BBP marketing be improved to increase the number of entries. Secretary General Ellerbe noted that the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) would provide a judge (Mr. Anthony Parkes) and promote the BBP Competition within the ICC network and, hopefully, among the European Chambers of Commerce thanks to our planned agreement with Eurochambres. 2002 JCI World Congress in Las Vegas The 57th JCI World Congress schedule of events was approved and a general review of Congress events was made. 2003 JCI World Congress in Copenhagen A report on the 58th JCI World Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark, was not received on the time for this meeting. Dates for the Copenhagen Congress were changed to November 3?10. 2004 JCI World Congress Bid Fukuoka Junior Chamber President Hitoshi Iwamoto spoke on the behalf of the Fukuoka bid for the 2004 JCI World Congress, and presented a video and a report. Secretary General Ellerbe certified that the bid and bid deposit submitted by Fukuoka Junior Chamber met all constitutional requirements. 2002 JCI Area Conferences Area A Conference in Sousse, Tunisia. The final Conference report was submitted. Executive Vice President Ebiowei Tobi thanked all that helped make the Sousse Conference outstanding. It was the largest-ever Junior Chamber meeting in Africa. Area B Conference in Sendai, Japan. Executive Vice President Marcelo Fernan reported on this remarkable Conference, at which the first paperless General Assembly meetings had taken place. Area C Conference in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Executive Vice President Lars Hajslund reported that the Area C Conference, held at a full-service resort, had been an outstanding event. The Conference bid bond was to be reimbursed. Area D Conference in Istanbul, Turkey. Executive Vice President Kevin Cullinane indicated that the JCI Conference in Istanbul, although with lower-than-expected attendance, had been thoroughly enjoyed by delegates thanks to an extremely successful program and the wonderful sights of Turkey. 2003 JCI Area Conferences It was reported that the following Conferences are scheduled for 2003: Area A?Libreville, Gabon, on May 28?31, with registration fee of US $130. Area B?Cebu, Philippines, on May 22?25, with registration fee of US $200. Area C?Edmonton, Canada, on May 7?11, with registration fee of US $200. Area D?Birmingham, England, on June 4?7, with registration fee of US $294-320. 2004 Conferences Area A?Senegal Junior Chamber is preparing a bid. Area B?Penang, Malaysia. Area C?Guayaquil, Ecuador. The proposed dates are May 26?29, but it was noted that Guayaquil had not been approved at the Area C Conference, and this matter would be reconsidered at the Las Vegas Congress Area C NOM Presidents Meetings. Area D?Lausanne, Switzerland, is the proposed site, and the proposed dates are June 2?5. Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) Secretary General Ellerbe referred to the SPC Implementation Progress Report, which had been distributed, and detailed all SPC recommendations. Many SPC issues were discussed in detail, including virtual members, technology, development grants, and Senate. JCI President Batlle stressed the importance of the development of the database. Executive Vice President Cullinane requested the reestablishment of Leader magazine or other hard-copy marketing publications to use in promotions or recruiting. The idea of virtual members was discussed. JCI President Batlle stated that this was an excellent opportunity provided by technology and that rules to develop a program had to be established. Immediate Past President Georges Bouverat pointed out the need to continue promoting World Peace. JCI Academy in Japan The 15th JCI Academy in Japan will be held on Fujisawa City, located 50 kilometers from Tokyo, on July 21-28. The main theme will be "Universal Harmony with Dynamic Diversity." More than 80 overseas and 50 Japanese delegates are expected. Albert Hiribarrondo, 1992 JCI President, will serve as head coach, and all participants will attend the Japan Summer Conference in Yokohama, where more than 10,000 delegates will be present. African Academy The 4th African Academy will be held with 30 delegates at the Utalii Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya on July 16?19. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided. Housing, food and up to $200 in travel expenses will be covered for all delegates. International Training Fellow (ITF) Karyn Smythe from Australian Junior Chamber will serve as head coach. American Leadership Academy The American Leadership Academy will be held at the Excelsior Hotel in Asuncion, Paraguay, on July 11?14. Delegates? expenses in Asuncion will be covered. Expected trainers include JCI Executive Vice President Lars Hajslund, ADC Chairman Christian Mendoza, and 2001 Executive Vice President Fernando Sanchez. European Academy The European Academy for future LOM Presidents will be held in English in Gothenburg, Sweden, on August 2?6. Future European Junior Chamber leaders are expected to attend this Academy. JCI Foundation Secretary General Ellerbe reported that the Foundation was having a good year with more than $100,000 in donations. He noted that the sale of the Secretary General?s residence earned the Foundation nearly US $100,000. He added that more than 10,000 new foundation brochures had been distributed at Area Conferences. Junior Chamber Family AIDS Network A presentation was made to the Executive Committee on a project started in 1995 by the United States Junior Chamber of Commerce in St. Louis to assist in AIDS prevention and children. A home for children with AIDS, Our Little Haven, had opened in St. Louis, and other homes had opened in other locations. JCI President Batlle supported the development of a joint program to assist children with AIDS. Training JCI President Batlle spoke on the new LEAD Program and thanked 2001 JCI Executive Vice President Fernando Sanchez for helping implement this important new product to develop local leaders. General Legal Counsel Rector also highlighted the LEAD program and reviewed its opportunities and benefits. He noted that the program had been conducted in all four Conferences and had been well received. Quality Master Plan As requested by President Batlle, Executive Vice President Lars Hajslund explained a proposed Quality Master Plan. The creation of a steering committee to develop a business plan for the JCI Headquarters and to establish performance standards and key performance indicators was recommended. Steering committee members were appointed. Appointment of Resident Legal Counsel Paul Klug was appointed JCI Resident Legal Counsel. Conclusion On behalf of the Executive Committee, JCI President Batlle expressed his thanks for the extraordinary sacrifices made by officers and members on behalf of JCI during the past few months. He recognized the efforts of the staff to prepare for this first paperless Executive Committee Meeting in St. Louis. Additionally, JCI President Batlle congratulated Executive Committee members for their achievements during the first half of the year and thanked them for their active participation in this meeting. He pointed out that marketing technology would help make the Las Vegas JCI Congress, particularly General Assembly, attractive to delegates. ?We now face a unique situation?we have been a global organization since our founding and now we have the tools that give us the opportunity for a second birth as truly global organization,? he said. To view additional photos, please click here.
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