Noticias — August 05, 2002

The JCI Academy in Japan?A Unique Experience!

Part II The 15th JCI Academy, in Shonan-Fujisawa, concluded on July 28. Participants took advantage of the opportunity to celebrate the dynamic diversity of our worldwide organization. Through various programs during the Academy?such as Entrepreneurs in Action, Cultural Experience, a Collaborative Workshop, and a Business Seminar?participants awakened and developed their own abilities. They became ?global networkers,? who will serve and lead society toward universal harmony.
JCI's corporate slogan, "Entrepreneurs in Action," was the focus for each seminar. Participants learned about it through cultural exchange programs that taught them about Japanese traditional wisdom?WA-SPIRIT and SAMURAI-SPIRIT?as well as "innovative power" and "communicative power." These four elements helped participants develop as responsible leaders. Keio University Program Visiting Keio University campus, participants experienced and lived what JCI is all about. The visit began with a two-hour team workshop with local chapter members, Keio students, and people from the community. Academy participants were asked to offer ideas on how to solve a real local problem?bringing business to the local shops around the Shonan station. Participants presented a variety of ideas providing potential solutions to the problem. This program helped participants understand what is expected from Junior Chamber members as Entrepreneurs in Action worldwide. They realized that action is not just the best way to create positive changes, but the only way! While hoping their ideas helped solve problems in Shonan, participants felt the experience at Keio University enriched and enlightened them as ?Entrepreneurs in Action.? Graduation and Farewell Party On July 28, the graduation ceremony was held at the Pacific Yokohama Convention Hall, one of the largest convention halls in the world. This hall was also the venue of the Japan Junior Chamber Summer Conference, attended by more than 10,000 Japanese members. During the graduation ceremony, JCI President Batlle and Japan Junior Chamber President Shusaku Matsumoto presented a pin and a certificate to each Academy graduate, recognizing each as a ?Global Networker.? JCI Academy Chairperson Yukie Yamada thanked Academy graduates for their commitment and contribution to the theme of the 15th JCI Academy, "Universal Harmony with Dynamic Diversity.? After the Graduation Ceremony, all graduates attended a memorable farewell party at Ape Reine. To view photos of the JCI Academy, please click here.
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