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Part 1 - MYE:Designing JCI’s New Millennium

?We are what we do, not what we think we are.? ?Phillipe Crinelli, of Franklin Covey-Europe, keynote speaker, 2001 Area D Conference With Swiss efficiency, JCI President Georges A. Bouverat chaired JCI?s Midyear Meeting (MYE) at the JCI Headqua
?We are what we do, not what we think we are.? ?Phillipe Crinelli, of Franklin Covey-Europe, keynote speaker, 2001 Area D Conference With Swiss efficiency, JCI President Georges A. Bouverat chaired JCI?s Midyear Meeting (MYE) at the JCI Headquarters on June 26?28, 2001. He focused on his administration?s continuing historic decisions, which will design the new millennium for Junior Chamber: ?The designing must start here with this Executive Committee? I want us to be remembered as the people who combined vision with action. We must have fresh ideas, new ways, and new projects to reach our goals in a different way than in the old millennium. It is up to us to make it happen? I want 2001 to be remembered as the ground floor for designing the new millennium? The decisions we make at this meeting will have impact on our organization not just for 2001, but for years to come.? The Committee reviewed the far-reaching new initiatives and decisions made at the 2001 January Board Meeting, which are shaping Junior Chamber?s vision, direction and actions in the new millennium. To discuss a complete reengineering of Junior Chamber?s membership growth and development policies, a Membership Strategy Forum was held at the JCI Headquarters before the Midyear Executive Committee Meeting, on June 20?23, 2001. The objectives of the Forum were to: ? Design a new JCI membership strategy and policy, and consider the organizational consequences ? Produce new JCI membership recruitment and retention modules ? Create a blueprint with minimum requirements for LOMs and NOMs ? Recommend guidelines for NOMs and LOMs to increase their membership and promote quality JCI President Georges A. Bouverat warmly welcomed the Forum?s initiative and stressed the importance of their endeavor to Junior Chamber?s future: A new millennium has truly dawned, but we continue to face many of the same challenges as before. Our organization is needed more than ever because still so many men, women and children hope for a better tomorrow, a better world, a world of understanding and peace. We, therefore, must follow the vision inherited from our founders and strive to achieve a true and everlasting world peace. But we cannot achieve this dream without a viable organization with many members across the world?. Growth of our chapters, growth of our national organizations and growth in individual members is an important focus for our organization to move forward in this 3rd Millennium. Organizations must constantly regenerate or reinvent themselves due to many factors such as competition, technological changes, the ever-evolving market niches and business environment, etc. For JCI, therefore, change must be seen as a business opportunity and strategic necessity. We must adapt our methods and strategies to meet today's needs and attract the highest quality members possible in each local community?. We must continue to be the ?voice? for young men and women around the globe and the ?choice? organization for young people to develop and use their entrepreneurial spirit to better themselves and ultimately contribute to an everlasting world peace. Again, welcome to our World Headquarters and remember that GROWTH is an absolute necessity; it is no longer an option! Warmest wishes for a very successful and fruitful deliberation as Entrepreneurs in Action. A final report will be submitted to General Assembly at the Barcelona JCI Congress. Constitutional Amendments?The Legacy Some of the possibly most long-lasting, historic decisions made at MYE were the proposed Constitutional amendments. Among the proposed amendments was one urging chapters to require potential members to undergo a provisional membership period of at least three months before being granted full membership in Junior Chamber. As JCI Secretary General Benny Ellerbe pointed out, this requirement would establish a level of quality and standards for membership. In every one of the 23 NOMs that have consistently achieved sustainable growth during the last 20 years, anyone who would like to join goes through a provisional or trial membership. Ellerbe predicted the legacy of this Executive Committee will be the historic changes concerning quality standards for membership, as well as the ground work to provide value, quality and professional services to members with professional standards for JCI Area conferences and for the Flagship Program, Entrepreneurs in Action. If approved in Barcelona, the proposed constitutional amendments would achieve the following objectives: Mail Ballots This amendment would update constitutional rules of procedure to match technological advances allowing mail ballots to be conducted via fax or email. Congress and Conference Themes Following the one-vision mandate of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), JCI conferences and congress would have the corporate slogan, Entrepreneurs in Action, as their theme. This slogan would apply for the next five years, from 2001 through 2006. Commission System As per the SPC recommendation, the Commission System and its four Areas of Opportunity?Individual, Community, International and Business?would be amended. JCI Headquarters Location The principal office of JCI would be situated in a metropolitan area to be decided by General Assembly. Officer Expenses A budget would be allocated for the President and his or her spouse to attend a maximum of two NOM conventions and two Area conferences, and for both to travel with their children to the world congress by economy class. Additional Meetings To avoid too many additional JCI meetings making demands on JCI officers and national presidents, it would be required that, for meetings such as area academies, training sessions for multiple NOMs and area association meetings, a request be submitted to the Executive Committee at its midyear meeting two years in advance. The request would have to meet all requirements set by the Executive Committee, including a budget, schedule of events, purpose, agenda and venues. The meetings should not conflict with world congress or Area conferences. Dues Administration To discourage NOMs from under-declaring their membership, any NOM that fails to register its full membership by October 31 may be subject to termination of JCI services. Such a NOM may not host JCI meetings, vote in General Assembly or post candidates for JCI office. Furthermore, it may not receive development grants, JCI officer visits or any related services. NOMs that have under-reported their membership would have a one-time dues moratorium if they fully report actual membership and chapter numbers by October 31, 2001. These newly reported members would be charged US$1.00 per year for five years to allow NOMs to work out financial considerations. Immediate Past President The name of the position would be ?Immediate Past President? and not ?Chairman of the Board.? Amendments Recommended by the Membership Strategy Forum If approved in Barcelona, the following constitutional amendments, recommended by the Membership Strategy Forum, would achieve the following objectives: Full Affiliation Applicants Applicants for full affiliation would be required to have at least two LOMs and 60 individual members. This would be a reduction from the 135 members currently required. Provisional Membership Period LOMs would be encouraged to establish a provisional membership period of at least three months to allow for orientation, activation and induction procedures. JCI Development Council The new JCI Development Council, which would assist the development of NOMs and their membership, would replace the NOM Development Program Commission. To serve on this council, the JCI President would appoint a Chairman, a Deputy Chairman, and four Area Development Chairmen. They would serve for a period of one year. Conference Bid Bonds To encourage conference organizers to comply with all contractual and reporting requirements on a timely basis to ensure their bid bond is refunded, the conference bid bond would be increased from US$2,500 to US$3,500. Development Grants Applications for development grants would have to be made to the JCI Secretary General and assigned Executive Vice President in writing and be received at least 14 days prior to the meeting at which the application is to be considered. Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) During the MYE meeting, discussions focused on implementation of the 1999 SPC?s 50 recommendations, which are shaping Junior Chamber?s mission, vision, and course of action for the new millennium. JCI Secretary General Ellerbe reported that SPC recommendations are being aggressively pursued and achieved ahead of the deadlines. More than 80 percent of the 50 recommendations have already been implemented. JCI?s use of one logo and one theme are on target worldwide, fulfilling SPC?s one-vision mandate. These recommendations cover administration, finance, marketing, programs, services, training, business, meetings, Foundation, and Senate, with heavy focus on technology and communications, perceived as a key means for achieving all the SPC?s objectives. The JCI Executive Committee reviewed implementation of the recommenda?tions, with particular focus on those impacting growth and development as per the special Membership Strategy Forum?s input. Entrepreneurs in Action! The Committee?s review of JCI?s new corporate slogan?Entrepreneurs in Action?showed it has been enthusiastically accepted and promoted throughout the world as a powerful marketing tool. The word ?Entrepreneurs? describes JCI?s global membership of more than half-a-million members, Senior members and JCI Senators in more than 100 countries and territories. They are cutting-edge enterprising people who bring passion and creativity to problem solving and to the art of work. They are bold and imaginative; they are not afraid to break barriers and explore new fields. They are opportunity creators, trailblazers, and pioneers in business and in life; they radically redefine what is doable and how it can be done. Junior Chamber?s ranks include leaders who are investors, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and professionals in diverse fields. Their entrepreneurial action empowers them to create positive change to make the world a better place. They are visionaries, risk-takers and mavericks; they transform great dreams into reality. With strength and determination, they are reaching new limits, continually striving to do more and be more in their businesses, their communities, and in the lives they help change. If the corresponding Constitutional amendment is approved, from 2002 onward, JCI Area conferences would use only JCI?s corporate slogan ?Entrepreneurs in Action?as their standard conference theme. In 2001, in line with the SPC?s one-vision mandate, Entrepreneurs in Action will be used as the Barcelona Congress Theme. A new corporate identity program?with the corporate logo to be used at all levels of Junior Chamber? is being promoted on JCI?s website, eNews mailings, Friday Focus and in all communications with Junior Chamber members. JCI created a new logo for each NOM with the JCI corporate logo and the name of the country above it. JCI President Bouverat marveled at the speed with which the corporate identity program has been adopted. Corporate logos are being used in more than 60 percent of the printed material coming into the JCI Headquarters, and more than 80 percent of the NOMs have already adopted the program only five months after it was launched at the January Board meeting: ?I thought it would take two to three years for this to be adopted. How quickly it has happened is beyond my wildest dreams. This has happened so rapidly because of the sense of urgency around the world that we show one corporate, professional identity. We can be very proud of this image JCI has gained across the world.? Corporate Pin Presentations It was reported that one of the highlights of each Area Conference this year had been the presentation of corporate pins. JCI President Georges A. Bouverat had personally handed out the new corporate identity pins for individual members to each of the attending NOM Presidents. The objective of these presentations was to promote a uniform and recognizable pin for all members worldwide, and facilitate Junior Chamber marketing efforts. JCI Flagship Program Bouverat reported he was pleased with the progress made in launching JCI?s new five-year corporate flagship program?the Best Business Plan of the World Competition?to match the new corporate slogan?Entrepreneurs in Action. As part of SPC?s guidelines, this high-level program must ensure local, national and international media attention as well as attract potential members, sponsors and other stakeholders to support the achievement of the Junior Chamber mission. There are two award categories??Business? for profit and ?Social Entrepreneur? for nonprofit. This flagship program will give Junior Chamber extensive exposure in the media, and attract new members and new sponsors. JCI is inviting young people under 40 to submit plans for the creation of a new enterprise, endeavor, or social activity to create positive change. The objective is to seek bold and imaginative plans that are cutting-edge and seek solutions?plans that involve taking risks to transform reality and to redefine what is doable and how it is done. Business plan entries are being sought from more than 5,000 Junior Chamber chapters, 100 ICC National Organizations, 15,000 Local Chambers of Commerce, Young Entrepreneurs of Europe, AIESEC., college and university students. Judging and Awards A panel of worldwide business professionals will conduct judging under two phases, selecting up to three winners. They will be recognized at the JCI Congress in a special awards ceremony. Each winner will receive a plaque and a cash award of start-up funds to launch his or her business plan. Enter Your Plan For more information and to enter your plan, see JCI?s Best Business Plan of the World Competition form available on JCI?s website, JCI Endowment Fund?A $US 2 Million Challenge Local, national, regional and international Junior Chamber sponsor Doctor Hian-Tsin Tan challenged JCI to set up a JCI Endowment Fund with the ambitious goal of reaching US$2,000,000 before the 2006 JCI Congress. If JCI Senators, Senior Members and Jaycees donate US$500,000 by the 2005 JCI Congress, Doctor Tan and his wife will contribute another US$500,000, with which the Fund will reach its first million. If JCI Senators, Senior Members and Jaycees donate another US$500,000 before the 2006 JCI Congress, Doctor Tan and his wife will provide another US$500,000 to make the endowment reach a grand total of US$2,000,000. The Executive Committee enthusiastically accepted Doctor Tan?s challenge and approved the creation of the JCI Endowment Fund. Senate Update Immediate Past President and Senate Chairman Karyn Bisdee reported the Senate web page had been installed (under Services on the JCI website, The ambitious goal for this year is to compile a database of email addresses of Senators to communicate electronically with them. She pointed out, ?This vast alumni has enormous potential that we are not taking full advantage of, so I will continue to push for NOMs to work on these lists. As one NOM President said to me recently via email??The great thing is that we are finally meeting some of these people!? There are many benefits for us in ?capturing? this data?not the least of those, economic.? The JCI Foundation and Financial Achievements It was reported that, as of June 25, 2001, donations to the Jaycees International Foundation amounted to US$79,950. Among the donors were Jun Yamamoto from Japan and George Lung from Hong Kong, China, who increased their contributions to the David Chua-Unsu Patron level of US$20,000. In line with the recommendations made by the Membership Strategy Forum, the Finance Committee revised the 2002 proposed JCI budget. If approved, an additional US$100,000 would be allocated for marketing research, US$75,000 for a corporate development manager to get much-needed additional revenue from corporate sponsorship to supplement dues income, US$10,000 for the newly created JCI Development Council, and US$10,000 for the Business Academy. Empowering Members and Friends @ Add Your Email JCI President Bouverat mentioned his ambitious goal to dramatically increase JCI?s email subscribers, which number more than 5,000. He has challenged every member to provide, every week, the email addresses of 10 new persons?via ?Sign up for our mailing list? at our website, ?so they may all learn about the rich opportunities JCI has to offer. Bouverat stressed the value of electronic communications: Young people need to know JCI is an organization that helps each individual member make his or her dreams come true?. By this electronic means, we can reach tens of thousands of members. Communications Costs Slashed It was reported that Headquarters postage costs have been slashed by US$70,000 and phone expenses by US$20,000 annually due to extensive use of email, eNews, Friday Focus, the JCI website and other internet communications tools. JCI sends out more information, more updates and better communications faster, more efficiently and at great cost savings. JCI?s website averages more than 22,000 hits and over 1,400 user sessions per day. On average, approximately 1,400 members per day are using our web pages to secure information or read JCI?s news sections. JCI News web articles are updated a minimum of twice weekly. This dramatically contrasts with the 600 pieces of mail that used to be mailed once a month. Even when sent by priority international services, mail could take up to five weeks to reach Africa, and four weeks Asia. More than 70,000 Friday Focus and eNews emails are sent every month. Future Website Goals Among JCI?s Website goals, the following were mentioned: To host discussion groups and newsgroups. To provide enterprise-wide search capability for a broad range of content?all from a single website. To add hyperlinks to commercial sites such as Yahoo and for the convenience of members and substantial marketing and sponsorship advantages for JCI. To create internal chat areas for the Executive Committee, Board, NOMs, etc. To allow members to add, update, correct and search for information on members, Senators, chapters, NOMs and projects. To expand the number of subscribers to JCI?s periodic emails to 25,000. To provide video, CD ROM, PowerPoint presentations for downloading. To recruit virtual members online. To be continued? For additional highlights of the 2001 Midyear Meeting and the special Membership Strategy Forum, come back next week and the following week to
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