Noticias — October 02, 2002

Business Success Strategies at the Las Vegas World Congress

As mentioned previously, outstanding professional trainers at Congress will include Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Mark Victor Hansen, Chin-Ning Chu, Kerry Gleeson, Clint Leahr, and Jay McChord. Additionally, national organizations and individual members from all corners of the world will conduct excellent seminars, many of them focusing on business. If you are looking for success in business, you may find the concepts and strategies you are looking for at the Las Vegas World Congress on November 24-28. To give you an idea of what these seminars are all about, we?ll mention a few selected at random. Keep in mind that seminars not even listed here may turn out to be the best for you. Check the Congress Schedule of Events and decide which to attend.
Mentoring Towards Business Success By Kyleen Myrah from Canada Junior Chamber (in English) Learn to incorporate mentoring into your environment?at work, in Junior Chamber, and in your private life. Financial freedom, success and happiness can occur if you begin with the right teacher. Through mentoring, you can discover time-honored and proven methods to find your greatness, achieve your financial goals and have the life you want, the life you deserve. Join us as we discuss the dramatic benefits of mentoring towards success. Discover if "The Mentorship Edge" is for you! Moving from Textbook to Internet By Malcolm & Louise Thomson from Australia Junior Chamber (in English) Education and training facilities are online now, but the challenge is finding them. You will receive online education and training demonstrations. You will also hear from Peter Drucker, who looks at what is really happening in the market in economic, historical, and political terms, and then makes sense of it all. Drucker's work is about far more than management or the production of wealth. It is about the process by which people lead productive and useful lives and produce greater opportunities and greater resources for themselves and their fellow man. The Magic of Communication for Leaders By Marcus J Tschann from Austria Junior Chamber (in English) In this new workshop, you will discover through your own experience the evolution of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Applicable in business for sales, management, communication, and coaching, the tools offered by NLP can also be useful in sports, therapy, and personal growth. These tools work, producing tangible results. The Magic of Communication for Leaders, also called ?Design Human Engineering,? is the next step beyond NLP. Get in and find out how to use your communication tools more effectively. Creativity: How to Use it By Didier Saint-Louis from France Junior Chamber (in French) Creativity can be key to your personal and business success. It can help you solve problems and take advantage of opportunities. Learn to be creative to improve your strategies, services, processes and culture. Attend the Creativity: How to Use it seminar and learn to: 1. Understand the importance of creativity to produce results; 2. Discover rules to foster creativity; 3. Take maximum advantage of your creative potential. Transformative Leadership By Jr. Jose Luis Scotto G. from Bolivia Junior Chamber (in Spanish) You will learn the characteristics of Transformative Leadership and the techniques to develop it. You will find tools to transform negatives into positives to help your family, your business, your organization, and your community. Learn the inner discipline and outer practice of leadership through the development, practice, and dissemination of transformative leadership principles. As a process, it involves facilitating people's path to self-realization and actualization, and results in the empowerment of individuals, businesses and organizations.
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