Noticias — October 07, 2002

Who will Win JCI?s World Speaking Competition?

Our speaking competition is one of the finest and most challenging personal experiences that you can wish for. ?Karyn W. Bisdee, 1989 World Speaking Competition Winner and 2000 JCI World President The JCI World Speaking Competition offers members a unique opportunity to develop and demonstrate their abilities, and to share ideas on issues of particular importance to fellow members. National contest winners are encouraged to compete at the Area conferences. An Area Speaking Competition winner was selected at each of the four Area conferences this year. The four outstanding public speakers selected as the best in their respective Areas are now expected to compete in the final round of the World Speaking Competition at the JCI World Congress in Las Vegas on November 24-28. Make plans to be there and listen to each of these remarkable individuals. You will learn from them and decide for yourself who the winner should be. Will your selection coincide with that of the judges?
From Area A, Roland Metinhoue Born in S?, Mono, Benin, in 1971, Roland Metinhoue is a Beninese citizen. With a Bachelor?s and Master?s degrees in Commercial Law, he works as an insurance executive. He is single. He has received several national and local awards in various areas. In the public speaking area, in October 2001, he received the First Place Award at the Benin Junior Chamber National Speaking Competition. In May 2002, at the Area A Conference, he was selected as the Best JCI African Speaker in Sousse, Tunisia. From Area B, Jackson Ng Teck Seng Jackson Ng Teck Seng, from Malaysia, is an entrepreneur who set up his own business at an early age. He holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. As a speaker, trainer and consultant, he has conducted over 100 motivational programs for students and many in-house training programs for working adults. He is a member of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) and a Competent Toastmaster (CTM) from Kuching Toastmasters Club, an organization affiliated with The Toastmaster International. In 2002, he was selected Speaking Competition champion of the Area B (Asia-Pacific) Conference held in Sendai, Japan. From Area C, Michael Rivera Irizarry Born in Mayag?ez, Puerto Rico, in 1983, Michael Rivera Irizarry is only 19 years old. He is presently studying Political Science at the University of Puerto Rico. Additionally, he is Press and Public Relations Officer for the Sabana Grande municipality in Puerto Rico. When he was just 17, he became Founding President of the Sabana Grande Youth Junior Chamber and, when he turned 18 and entered the university, he became Founding President of the Junior Chamber University Chapter. From Area D, Sigurros Fridriksdottir Sigurros Fridriksdottir was born in Reykjavik, Iceland, in 1967. She has a Bachelor?s degree in Geology from the University of Iceland and a Master?s degree in Geology from McMaster University in Canada. She works for a nature conservation agency, where she is currently head of the development and planning department. She joined Junior Chamber in August 1996, became Vik Junior Chamber secretary in 1998-1999 and chapter president in 1999-2000. She is presently Junior Chamber Iceland Training Director.
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