Noticias — October 10, 2002

JCI President Batlle in Uruguay: Junior Chamber Moves On

We would like to thank JCI Vice President Rafael Diaz-Ganaim for his news contribution. Energy, enthusiasm, commitment, dedication... these are just a few of the words that describe the young people who are reactivating Junior Chamber in Uruguay. Since July 2002, they have been training and working hard to reaffiliate their country to Junior Chamber International. These young people have decided to take leadership in their hands and build the future. In July, they attended the III American Leadership Academy in Asuncion, and received JCI Executive Vice President Lars Hajslund and Area C Director Lorena Ricaurte. Later on, they welcomed JCI Vice President Rafael Diaz-Ganaim and worked with him for week on sessions he conducted on leadership training, planning, teamwork, and project management.
JCI President?s Visit These young Uruguayans competence and effectiveness became obvious mainly in October, when JCI President Salvi Batlle visited Uruguay. For this visit, they prepared an agenda that included radio and TV interviews, as well as meetings with the Congress of Deputies, the Chamber of Commerce and MERCOSUR. The most outstanding activity, however, was the visit to Jorge Batlle, President of the Republic of Uruguay. Although scheduled for only 20 minutes, this visit lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes. They share a remarkable last name! JCI President Salvi Batlle and Uruguay President Jorge Batlle share an illustrious last name, Batlle. From the Latin batulos, it meant ?Representative of the King? in Catalan. Naturally, both presidents commented on the coincidence of having the same last name, the possibility of being blood related, and many other topics of mutual interest. They discussed the world economy, relations between Uruguay and Europe and the rest of the world, the interest of Uruguay in expanding its markets? and, of course, Junior Chamber. President Salvi Batlle took this opportunity to promote the organization and explain how Junior Chamber members are capable of great achievements to promote economic, cultural and social development at the local, national and international levels. No doubt, this visit will prove to have been extremely fruitful. New Board of Directors On October 2, the young people who will constitute Uruguay Junior Chamber gathered in General Assembly to elect their Board of Directors, now headed by Mart?n Andriolo. Potential Affiliation The new Board of Directors has accepted the challenge of applying for potential affiliation during the Las Vegas World Congress next November. Considering the enthusiasm and capability of these young people, the future of Junior Chamber looks bright in Uruguay.
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