Noticias — October 28, 2002

Meet JCI Executive Vice President Lars Hajslund

During my travels around the world, I have seen that our organization is doing exactly what is needed?preparing great leaders! ?JCI Executive Vice President Lars Hajslund Born on February 6, 1968, in Dronninglund, Denmark, Lars Hajslund holds a bachelor?s degree in hotel management, and works as a coach and management consultant for large companies in Scandinavia. He resides in Silkeborg with his wife Solfrid and their daughter and newborn son. He recalls how he joined the organization, ?I had a wonderful professor who asked me to join her for a meeting of this young people?s organization. I was immediately hooked on the idea, since it seemed to be exactly what I needed?a network of leaders and entrepreneurs providing training and maybe some business opportunities.?
Hajslund joined Junior Chamber in 1993, and participated in various local, regional, and national activities, serving as president of his chapter in 1996, national vice president in 1997, national executive vice president in 1998, and national president in 2000. International Service At the international level, he served as JCI Vice President assigned to various European national organization members in 2001. He has attended numerous JCI Area Conferences and four JCI World Congresses. He is JCI Senator No. 60001 and an International Graduate of the JCI Training Institute. During 2002, he is serving as JCI Executive Vice President responsible for The Americas. In May, he chaired the outstanding and enjoyable JCI Area C Conference in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. His goals in Junior Chamber JCI Executive Vice President Hajslund believes that the quality of life is directly proportional to the quality of leadership. ?During my travels around the world, I have seen that our organization is doing exactly what is needed?preparing great leaders,? he says. "I will do my best, during the six years I have left in the organization, to make our organization grow both in quality and in quantity. We need to constantly change our approach to new generations and improve the way we work.? How he has benefited from Junior Chamber He feels he has learned a great deal as a Junior Chamber member and officer. ?I would say that 95% of what I do every day in my business and personal life I've learned in Junior Chamber,? he indicated. His advice to others aspiring to JCI office JCI Executive Vice President Hajslund recommends that members run for office ?to serve, to learn, and to lead. It's a great opportunity and a great responsibility because you can really make a difference during one year as a JCI Officer. The seeds you plant will yield great crops not only for you but mostly for future members.?
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