Noticias — November 06, 2002

Meet JCI Executive Vice President Kevin Cullinane

The opportunity of a lifetime lasts but the lifetime of that opportunity. Grasp it! Learn from it and never, ever quit! ?JCI Executive Vice President Kevin Cullinane Kevin Cullinane was born on April 12, 1966, in Hemel Hempstead, England. An Irish national, he holds a bachelor?s degree in business studies, and is employed as marketing manager for a large international beer company in Cork (Ireland), where he resides. The day Cullinane started his first job in a new city, when opening a new checking account, the bank teller invited him to a New Members Night. ?If he hadn't invited me that night, I might never have heard about Junior Chamber and would never have grasped the opportunities I have had over 14 years of membership,? he says.
Cullinane joined Junior Chamber in 1989, and participated in various local, national, and international activities, serving as president of his chapter in 1992, national president in 1997, Junior Chamber in Europe (JCiE) secretary/treasurer in 1999, and parliamentarian to the European JCI Area Conferences in 1999, 2000, and 2001. International service At the international level, he served as JCI Vice President assigned to the national organization members (NOMs) of Canada and the United States in 2001. He has attended numerous JCI Area Conferences and nine JCI World Congresses. He is JCI Senator No. 55772. During 2002 he is serving as JCI Executive Vice President responsible for Europe. As such, he chaired the memorable JCI Area D Conference in Istanbul, Turkey, from June 12 to 16. His goals in Junior Chamber Cullinane is astonished to realize how many of his initial goals he has already achieved. ?I was reminded recently by a Senator of what I had written in my resume as a rookie member? It was frightening how many of the positions I originally aspired to I actually came to hold,? he states. However, he still has much to accomplish, as he believes that ?service to humanity is the best work of life and that service in Junior Chamber means giving 100% for the benefit of the team.? How he has benefited from being a member ?I would not be in the job I am today as Marketing Manager with Heineken Ireland were it not for the training, personal development and public speaking skills I developed in Junior Chamber,? he affirms. ?I certainly would not have traveled the world as extensively as I have, nor made the myriad of friendships and networks I have were it not for Junior Chamber.? His advice to members aspiring to become JCI officers ?Never look a gift horse in the mouth as we say in Ireland,? he advises. Everyday, every year opportunities are presented to you. ?The opportunity of a lifetime lasts but the lifetime of that opportunity. Grasp it! Learn from it and never, ever quit! Give 100% and be satisfied that you have done justice to yourself and your talents. You must be capable of giving boundless selfless service as a JCI Officer, but the benefits that accrue from your service are multifold.?
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