Noticias — November 08, 2002

Korea Junior Chamber?50 Years of Excellence!

Under the slogan ?The Future of the Country is Youth?s Responsibility,? Korea Junior Chamber celebrated its 50th Anniversary during its National Convention in Seoul on October 18?20, 2002. Reveling in half a century of accomplishments and leading the way to the future, Park Daesam, Korea Junior Chamber 51st National President, chaired the Convention and headed the Anniversary festivities. Several Korean dignitaries honored the event with their presence, as did JCI President Salvi Batlle and JCI Executive Vice President Marcelo Fernan. Other current and former JCI officers present included JCI Foundation Chairman Sonny Yu, 1999 JCI President Yong Suk Choi (Korea), 1995 JCI President David Oji (Japan), and 1989 JCI President Isfahani Sameen (Sri Lanka).
A Distinguished Past Since 1952, Korean members have excelled at the local, national and international levels. To develop themselves and improve their communities and the world, they have conducted countless projects, including outdoor sports for teens, free medical care for people in need, assistance for the mentally disabled, birth control campaigns, leadership development projects, economic and cultural seminars, sports and arts promotional campaigns, and community development and child protection campaigns. Plans for the Next 50 Years Proud of their history, Korean members intend to maintain their tradition of excellence. Additionally, under the slogan ?Grand Conversion 2002,? they have begun to implement a new strategy for the next fifty years. Under the new strategy, labeled the ?3C? strategy, Korean Junior Chamber members will: ? Continue with their traditional character, ? Change where needed to face current challenges, ? Create a bright future for Korea Junior Chamber. They aim to promote economic, community, cultural, educational, and environmental development. To achieve this objective, they plan to maximize the organization's influence by energizing chapters and strengthening the organization; increase their external impact by activating a forum to voice their ideas, communicating with the media and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and increasing their ability to network internationally; and ?power up? their organization. Congratulations to Korea National President Park Daesam and all the dedicated and outstanding Korean members! To view photos of the celebration, please click here.
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