Noticias — November 19, 2002

Meet JCI General Legal Counsel Bruce A. Rector

Both new and experienced members can offer innovative ideas for improving JCI and making it more relevant to the lives of young leaders and entrepreneurs. ?JCI General Legal Counsel Bruce A. Rector Bruce A. Rector was born in Anderson, Indiana, United States, on October 26, 1963. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in education and a doctorate in law. He is a lawyer by profession, specializing in probate and estate planning, civil litigation, and business law. He resides in Lexington, Kentucky, with his wife Tabitha and their son Trevor. When Rector graduated from law school, his new employers told him that Junior Chamber was the best way for him to meet other young community leaders and build his business leadership skills. "They were right," he says. "JCI is the best organization in the world for developing young leaders because it gives us the skills and confidence to take action and make a positive impact in our communities. My JCI experience has changed my life thanks to my employer's encouragement to join Junior Chamber back in 1990."
After joining Junior Chamber in 1990, he participated in various local and national activities, becoming president of his chapter in 1993, state district director in 1994, and national legal counsel in 1995-97. Service at the international level At the international level, he served as JCI Vice President assigned to various European national organization members (NOMs) in 1998, and as JCI Executive Vice President responsible for Europe and chairman of the JCI Area D Conference in Berlin, Germany, in 1999. He has attended 12 JCI Area Conferences and six JCI World Congresses since 1995. He is an International Graduate of the JCI Training Institute (1998) and JCI Senator No. 58603. As General Legal Counsel during 2002, Rector is serving as Chairman of the Admissions Committee, Parliamentarian at General Assembly, and advisor on legal matters. His goals in JCI Rector wants more young leaders to know about JCI and have the chance to become involved in our organization. He praises President Batlle's efforts to improve our website so that we can better communicate our message and image to the world. "Those that follow President Batlle must continue his work to improve this website and look for other ways to improve the name recognition and knowledge of JCI worldwide," he states. "Too many young leaders in too many countries are reaching the age of 40 today without ever having known about JCI. We can change the world by trying to reach more young leaders and getting them involved with JCI." What he has gained from being a member "I have learned many, many lessons about life and leadership through my involvement with JCI. Makoto Igarashi, a past JCI Vice-President from Japan , taught me one of the most important lessons. From Makoto, I learned to recognize, in my personal life as well as my JCI life, the importance of 'learning by doing' and 'receiving by giving.' Those are two things that JCI members do every day, all around the world, but it was my good friend Makoto that brought out the importance of applying those two things to my entire life and not just to my work within JCI." His advice to members aspiring to become JCI officers He points out that "you don't have to be a JCI officer to make a great impact upon this organization. You matter as much to the success of JCI in whatever role you are serving in now, even if you don't have an office or title, as you do as a JCI officer." "As a JCI officer, I enjoy trying to motivate and develop young leaders and convincing them that they are important to JCI regardless of the length of time they have been members. Both new and experienced members can offer innovative ideas for improving JCI and making it more relevant to the lives of young leaders and entrepreneurs." "By communicating the message that 'every member matters' and listening carefully to the thoughts, concerns and ideas of JCI members of all levels of experience, I hope that we can make them feel that every local member is as important to our organization as any JCI officer."
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