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Delegates Invest in the Global Goals at the 2016 JCI Global Partnership Summit

JCI members, partners and friends gathered July 25 to 28 in New York City, USA to discuss solutions to the critical challenges of our time and how together we can advance the Global Goals for Sustainable Development through partnerships that connect all sectors of society. 


This 2016 JCI Global Partnership Summit focused on the investment of the Global Goals and how we as young people have the opportunity and the responsibility to take action for the future of our world. Held at the United Nations Headquarters and the historic Waldorf Astoria, this year’s Summit inspired delegates to return to their homes ready to take action at the local level for global sustainable development. 


The Opening Reception of the Summit, hosted by JCI Japan, kicked off at the Waldorf Astoria and featured an inspiring keynote by the former Prime Minister of Senegal Dr. Aminata Touré, which defined the importance of the event's theme. "The most important investment in the Global Goals is the investment in peace building, fostering tolerance and being serious about international solidarity to end poverty,” said Touré. Other speakers included 2016 JCI President Paschal Dike, 2016 JCI USA President Laurence Bolotin and JCI Secretary General Arrey Obenson. Closing out the Opening Reception was 2016 JCI Summit Chairperson Takeshi Nakamura who encouraged delegates to collaborate and develop partnerships that create positive change and amplify impact. Following the speeches, delegates were treated to a cocktail reception where they could celebrate the launch of their week in New York.


The next morning, delegates joined together for an upbeat and engaging New York Edition of the JCI Morning Show. Attendees heard from a variety of experts including Founder of Flamingo Creative Katherine Sparkes, Head of Partnerships for the Let’s Do It! Foundation Kadi Kenk and National Ambassador to Ethiopia for UNICEF Hannah Godefa. The experts spoke about topics ranging from how social enterprises can advance social inclusion to how young people can collaborate to cultivate a clean, healthy planet. At the session’s end, guest speaker and past 2012 JCI TOYP honoree Katherine Sparkes was presented with a JCI Ambassadorship in honor of her dedication to spreading the mission and impact of JCI. 


Immediately following the Morning Show, the Partnerships Advancing the Global Goals Panel took the stage with Editor of the UN Dispatch Mark Goldberg moderating. Panelists included Senior Advisor on Strategic Partnerships and Advocacy to the Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Executive Director for UN Women Ravi Karkara, Co-Founder of Global Citizen Simon Moss, Director of Forum for the Future United States Sandra Seru, and Chief, Social Sustainability, Governance and Legal of UN Global Compact Ursula Wynhoven. The panel discussed current efforts and future goals for achieving sustainable impact through cross-sector partnerships at the local, national and international level. “Partnerships are embedded in the 17 Global Goals, each one demands a partnership in order to achieve success,” said Goldberg. A final Keynote for the day was delivered by Dr. Mieko Nishimizu on Gross National Happiness; a philosophy that has guided the national building of the Kingdom of Bhutan. 


The second day began with a Peace is Possible Interactive Session led by Founder and CEO of Dare2Lead and 2013 JCI TOYP honoree John Loughton at the United Nations. The session engaged delegates in activities that explored the definition of peace and pushed participants to define how they can make peace possible in their communities. “Peace is significant to each Global Goal and each Global Goal is critical to ensuring peace,” said Loughton. A special appearance by the Flamingo Chicks, an organization that gives children with disabilities and illnesses the opportunity to enjoy ballet alongside their friends, inspired delegates to be champions of inclusion. 


The day continued with the Engaging the Business Sector in Global Development Panel and Discussion moderated by Founding Partner of the Global Growth Institute Wayne Clarke. Panelists included Global Communications Manager of Electronic Trading Technology for Credit Suisse Heather Chun, Head of Corporate Sustainability and Senior Vice President of HSBC America Kelly Fisher and Business Unit Manager for Premier Oil Phil MacLaurin. The panel discussed how businesses can participate in advancing the Global Goals and the opportunities they have to create a better world. Later that afternoon, delegates were encouraged to share their voice and ideas in the 2016 JCI Global Partnership Resolution. Discussions and constructive debates were held to develop a resolution focused on investing and taking action to advance the Global Goals. Following, delegates participated in the first ever Search for Peace: Peace is Possible Scavenger Hunt. The event encouraged the exploration of New York City while engaging the public to mobilize the campaign and the Global Goals. The evening concluded with a special musical performance by Co-Founder of EPIC and singer/songwriter Tennille Amor during the Rocking the Hudson River: JCI Summit Boat Cruise. Amor produced the popular song “I am a Girl” in partnership with the United Nations to create awareness surrounding gender equality; the song was released on International Women’s Day 2016 at the UN Headquarters.


On the final day of the Summit, the United Nations Trusteeship Council Chamber was packed with delegates awaiting keynotes from a variety of global leaders. Starting off the day, JCI Japan presented their Youth Ambassador Program. After attending empowerment workshops and engaging trainings throughout the week, Japan’s next generation of young people presented their ideas on how to advance the Global Goals while demonstrating their motivation to take ownership of their community to build a better world. Afterward, Founder and CEO of kountableTM presented a check to the Grand Prize Winner of the Global Youth Empowerment Fund’s Social Enterprise Contest, Paola Aristizabal of Fundación Fuerza Verde. With this funding, Aristizabal will enhance the social transformation of Colombia through education and implementing projects enhancing human and environmental development. Furthermore, Deputy Director of the SDG Action Campaign Sering Falu Njie announced the first round of grantees of the Global Youth Empowerment Fund: Internship Programs of House of Dreams, Grassroots Innovation for Transformation, Fix Up Greenwood Park, Mississauga Youth Anthology and Pathways to Peace: Conflict in Syria.


During the closing of the Summit, Under Secretary-General and High Representative for Disarmament Affairs for the United Nations, Kim Won-soo took the stage to deliver words on fostering peace. “The only way to build a more peaceful future is to speak up and act now,” said Mr. Kim. The United Nations Secretary-General's Envoy on Youth Ahmad Alhendawi then challenged the audience to a pop quiz on the Global Goals to demonstrate how individuals must be experts on the goals in order to advance them. 


The highlight of the Summit came when United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-made a surprise appearance to give a closing keynote address. In his address he thanked JCI for its decades of work to rally young people globally in mobilizing action. Mr. Ban was given a standing ovation as he finished his address and endorsed the Peace is Possible campaign. 


To conclude the successful week, the 2016 JCI Global Partnership Summit Resolution was presented by the JCI UN Affairs Committee to Alhendawi. The success of the Summit and the resolution motivated delegates to begin taking action and implementing the resolution in their communities for the betterment of the world. 


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