Noticias — November 25, 2002

"Welcome to the 57th JCI World Congress!"

By Salvi Batlle, JCI President JCI Delegates: It?s very exciting to be in the great city of Las Vegas for this year?s World Congress!
This is a wonderful opportunity for each of you to add to your personal and professional skills. Please take advantage of the outstanding training provided for you for this purpose. It is also my hope that each of you will develop relationships with other Jaycees from all over the world. The best feature of a World Congress is the diverse friendships you can develop. Use this meeting to your best benefit. Best wishes for a successful World Congress and always take the opportunity to develop yourself! Salvi Batlle JCI President By John Nygren, 82nd President, The United States Junior Chamber Jaycees of the World: It means a great deal to me for the United States Jaycees to be able to host all of you for this year?s World Congress! We have some wonderful trainers from all over the world at this meeting, and it is my hope that each one of you will take advantage of the training opportunities provided at this World Congress to develop your personal skill levels. It is also my hope that you will introduce yourself to as many people as possible here in Las Vegas, exchanging business cards and contact information, and building a network of friends that you can keep in touch with throughout the coming year and look forward to meeting again at next year?s World Congress. Best wishes for a successful World Congress and always take the opportunity to positively . . . change your world! John Nygren 82nd President The U.S. Junior Chamber
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