Noticias — January 11, 2003

Top JCI Leaders Meet for Strategy Retreat

JCI President Bruce Rector is pulling together his 2003 JCI Idea Team (JCI Executive Committee Members and top JCI staff members) for a two-day Strategy Retreat beginning this January 10th, 2002. This retreat will be held in St. Albans, Missouri, at a venue suitable for inspiring creative thinking, teamwork and innovation. The goals of the team will be to think differently about every facet of the way JCI conducts its operations and to try to find more ways to show local members that they matter to JCI. Chief Executive Assistant to the world President, Fernando Sanchez-Arias, will facilitate and lead the discussions. The 2003 JCI Idea Team will study and define concrete action steps to address far ranging issues such as quality service to members, corporate identity and image, and training and education programs for young leaders and entrepreneurs. President Rector expects the 2003 JCI Idea Team sessions to be long but productive, with frank and candid give and take about various areas in which JCI needs to perform better and new opportunities that the organization should identify and exploit. ?There is no greater power on earth than the power of dreams and ideas,? said President Rector. ?I look forward to gathering our top international JCI leaders and staff to set the standard for idea and best-practice sharing that will be the standard for all local and national JCI organizations to follow during the challenging but promising days ahead. The Strategy Retreat will conclude on Sunday afternoon with the JCI Idea team joining the rest of the JCI Board of Directors for the traditional January Board and Executive Committee Meetings, which will begin on Monday morning, January 13. For the latest news and information on the activities of the retreat and Board meeting, log on to this website each day over the next week.
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