Noticias — January 09, 2003

Commitment to ?Entrepreneurs in Action?

--By 2003 JCI President Bruce Rector Over the past several months, I've been listening to many JCI Members that were concerned JCI was only paying lip service to the idea of "Entrepreneurs in Action" but was not very serious about it. Many of them pointed to the JCI Best Business Plan Competition and the JCI Business Academy and demonstrated that the staff members assigned to those programs had so many other pressing responsibilities, that they could not devote adequate time and resources to the JCI business programs. I've been talking with Secretary General Benny Ellerbe about how we could devote more staff resources to this area. I'm tremendously pleased that Michael Kern has accepted the new position of Director of JCI Business Programs. He brings great credibility to our efforts in the area of business programs. He has strong contacts with the EuroChambres and with Young Enterprise. His homeland (Austria) and nearby Germany have some of the strongest business programming in all of JCI. I am confident that he can build upon those contacts and help us to improve our position, image and reputation in the area of business opportunities. He'll also be working as Area D Director for a while longer, but Secretary General Ellerbe hopes to eventually move his entire focus to his new position. Business Commission Chair Koichi ?Washi? Washizawa also brings a high level of respect to our JCI business programming through his own personal experience and contacts. He is the perfect person, in my mind, to be coordinating our efforts from the perspective of elected and appointed officers of JCI and to be working with Michael Kern. With these two gentlemen coordinating our business opportunity programming, we have many great opportunities in 2003. They are two very capable leaders with strong reputations and strong contacts. Through teamwork, let's pledge to work with and support them as they build our business opportunity programming into something that the world will be taking note of very soon.
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