Noticias — January 13, 2003

Air France?the Official Airlines of JCI President Rector

JCI Secretary General Benny Ellerbe announced today that the official airlines for JCI President Bruce Rector?s 2003 Presidential visits will be Air France. "I'm proud to have Air France as my official Airline Partner for 2003. I've been impressed with Air France for several years now and I am delighted that they have agreed to become a partner with JCI in this way," said President Rector. JCI and Air France entered into a contractual agreement effective immediately to support JCI and President Rector during 2003. President Rector will use Air France and the Sky Team partner network when and where possible during his official travels in 2003. JCI strongly appreciates the strong support and partnership that Air France has offered to President Bruce and JCI for 2003. One of the world?s largest international airlines, Air France has a long history of quality, safety, and on-time arrivals. Air France chose to join with five major international airlines?Aero Mexico, Alitalia, CSA Czech Airlines, Delta, and Korean Air?to create the Sky Team. The first global airline alliance fashioned around the customer, Sky Team offers passengers 8,200 daily flights to 512 destinations in over 100 countries, including more non-stop destinations between the U.S. and Europe than any other alliance. Sky Team is committed to providing passenger services with consistent standards across its member airlines. Additionally, Air France has selected more than 40 partner airlines worldwide to offer a wider choice of destinations and schedules to every community that JCI serves. The new partnership with Air France gives JCI and President Rector another strong and important tool in 2003 to provide the members and chapters with the best service and support possible.
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