Noticias — January 15, 2003

JCI Board Holds Historic Meetings in Saint Louis

The January JCI Board of Directors Meetings are being held for the first time in JCI?s founding city, St. Louis, MO, our new headquarters city. President Bruce Rector convened the Board meetings of January 14 at the International Headquarters of Anheuser-Busch, Inc., one of JCI's key sponsors. Meetings were held in the Busch Learning Center to review key goals for 2003 and beyond. As many of the successful strategies used by Anheuser-Busch could be applied to JCI, Kelly Malone, in charge of internal Public Relations for Anheuser-Busch, made a presentation to the JCI Board. She explained how Anheuser-Busch establishes and develops good relations with media representatives, the community, and the nation; spreads company messages through the media in a consistent manner; faces difficult situations; and ensures profitable interactions. After discussing numerous topics and areas of concern, JCI Board members developed a list of key priorities and targets for the year?s actions. The three main internal goals for the Board of Directors in 2003 will be: To achieve a 2.5 percent membership growth It was stated that this was a reachable goal that would allow us to maintain and even increase membership quality. Board members felt this goal, their number-one priority in 2003, would be the base for launching a sustained growth and development trend at the local and national levels. To fully implement the new LEAD local officers training program JCI officers and trainers need to seek the best possible local leaders, and help them develop themselves and receive training. LEAD will be the key tool to perform this task. As members join and remain affiliated at the local level, it is most important that the best training available be offered to current and future local leaders. To develop JCI national and local websites Major emphasis and funding would be centered on this important communications tool of the organization as it is the most efficient and best method to spread JCI?s message and mission. President Rector expressed his strong appreciation to Anheuser-Busch for allowing JCI to use the outstanding Busch Learning Center and for its continued support and partnership. Later on this week, the JCI Board will establish JCI?s external goals for 2003 and cover many other key areas.
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