Noticias — January 19, 2003

Area C National Presidents Meeting Focuses on Growth

With JCI Executive Vice President Luis Brea as Chairman, Area C team members, including assigned JCI Vice Presidents and 17 Area C national presidents, gathered at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in St. Louis on January 17-19, right after the JCI Board of Directors meeting. National presidents received training, evaluated the present situation in their NOMs, and discussed strategic planning to achieve growth in 2003. Area C Development Council (ACD) members also met to review their functions, bylaws and objectives in order to align them with the strategic objectives for Area C and JCI. Alfredo Garcia, National President from Chile, was among those present at the meeting. As Chile is a new NOM, this is the first time Chile was represented at an Area C National Presidents Meeting. He expressed his pleasure at being in St. Louis taking part in the meeting, and promised to contribute to growth. Lars Hajslund, 2003 Chief Commissioner for Growth and Development, delivered an interesting and motivational presentation the morning of January 17. He discussed the various elements needed to become an effective national president, and pointed out the need to grow and to align national and Area objectives with JCI?s. JCI 2003 Conference in Edmonton National Presidents offered suggestions on how to organize more attractive conferences and congresses. Edmonton 2003 Conference Organizing Committee Director Andrew Wooley, also present at the meeting, discussed the Conference and promoted various Conference events. He reported that shorter General Assembly meetings will be scheduled, as well as fun activities such as ice skating. Important issues, including how to obtain visas to travel to Canada, were also discussed. National presidents were asked to visit for additional information. After carefully reviewing the plan of action for the Area, four objectives were selected for special focus in 2003: -- To achieve a 2.5 percent growth in Area C -- To implement the LEAD training program -- To take advantage of technology and develop NOM and LOM websites to promote growth -- To develop and implement marketing strategies
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