Noticias — January 30, 2003

Lorena Ricaurte?Dedication and Service!

I?m leaving my position as Area C Director but I?m not leaving the organization. I?ll continue working as an active Jaycee and a JCI Senator. ?Area C Director Lorena Ricaurte With a record of exceptional and committed performance as JCI Area C Director for more than three years, Lorena Ricaurte will end her professional services to JCI next January 31. Years ago, when she joined the Urdesa-Guayaquil Junior Chamber in Ecuador, she discovered a new world of friends, accomplishments, and opportunities. While working as a bank manager, she participated in countless projects, and became local president and then national president. Elected JCI Vice President for 1998, she excelled in serving her assigned national organizations. In October 1999, she accepted her position as Area C Director. In that role, she injected enthusiasm and professionalism, and inspired others by her passion for JCI. She was successful in helping most of the national organizations she served achieve membership growth, develop programs and training, and keep their financially obligations with JCI. With gusto and devotion, she planned first-rate Leadership Training Academies and Area C National Presidents Meetings. She attended more that 60 international events and provided more that 2000 hours of leadership training in Latin America and the Caribbean. ?She has shown exemplary leadership by providing the national and local organizations in Area C with extraordinary service, with a passion that has inspired everyone around her,? said Lars Hajslund, 2002 JCI Executive Vice President assigned to Area C. Having developed strong relationships with national presidents, she sent them a farewell message last Tuesday and asked them to support her successor: ??The success of an Area Director depends upon the support of the national presidents. I ask you to offer the new Area C Director, Edmond Sakai from Brazil, the same support you have provided me. He has an excellent background and, above all, great enthusiasm to work for the Area?? We thank Lorena Ricaurte for her superb contribution and wish her success and happiness!
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