Noticias — February 01, 2003

Outstanding New Directors for Area B and Area C

JCI Secretary General Benny Ellerbe was very pleased to announce that Immediate Past Executive Vice President Marcel Fernan would assume the duties of Area B Director effective February 1, 2003. Director Fernan will bring a wealth of knowledge, leadership, and experience to this important post, providing the highest levels of service to members in Asia and the Pacific. After serving Area B during 2002, Director Edmond Sakai, has been assigned to his home area, Area C. Secretary General Ellerbe is on record to commend Director Sakai for his superior service to Area B and his commitment to the staff team. Edmond Sakai joined the organization in 1993 and became charter president of the Sao Paulo Metropolitan Junior Chamber. A lawyer by profession, Director Sakai, whose tenure in Area B was very successful, will be a great leader and an asset in his home area. ?My objective is to help Area C grow and develop so our members may benefit more than ever from their affiliation to JCI,? said Director Sakai. Marcel Fernan was born in Cebu, Philippines, on December 21, 1962. With a bachelor's degree in political science, he has been active in the real estate business and has managed various companies. He arrived in St. Louis yesterday to begin carrying out his duties as Area B Director. Fernan joined Junior Chamber in 1988, and participated in various local, regional, and national activities, becoming president of his chapter in 1993, national vice president in 1995, and national president in 1997. At the international level, he served as JCI Vice President assigned to various Asian national organization members in 1998. He has attended eight JCI Area Conferences and seven JCI World Congresses. He is JCI Senator No. 52008. During 2002, as JCI Executive Vice President, he was responsible for Asia and Oceania, and chaired the JCI Area B Conference in Sendai, Japan. Director Fernan and Director Sakai will provide outstanding service, leadership, and assistance to their respective Areas. For matters regarding Area B, please contact Area B Director Marcel Fernan (, and for matters regarding Area C, Area C Director Edmond Sakai (
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