Noticias — February 20, 2003

Camaraderie, Learning, and Snow at the EDC Meeting in Riga

JCI President Bruce Rector attended the European Development Council (EDC) Meeting in Riga, Latvia, on February 13-16, 2003. Among special guests and trainers were Chief Executive Assistant to the President Fernando Sanchez-Arias, JCI Growth Commission Chairman Lars Hajslund, and representatives from De Bono Institute. Other JCI officers attending the meeting included JCI Executive Vice President Dominique Angles and JCI Vice Presidents assigned to Europe. EDC Board members and European National Presidents also participated. Accommodations, training sessions, and meetings were offered at the recently renovated Reval Hotel Latvia, in the center of Riga. Attendees enjoyed fascinating places in Riga and its surroundings during evening events and outdoor training. Founded in 1201, Riga is the oldest medieval city in existence. Riga?s old city center has been included in UNESCO?s list of the world?s most important cultural and natural sites. Productive and Fun Activities Business activities included an Area D Team Meeting, an EDC Board Meeting, and several NOM Presidents Meetings. Fernando Sanchez-Arias and the Latvia Team provided special training through Snow Leadership Games. Bruce Rector and Fernando Sanchez-Arias conducted a successful LEAD Seminar. Focusing on entrepreneurial activities, a meeting with Latvian Chamber of Commerce and business people was scheduled. On the fun side, a St. Valentine?s Party and a Gala became memorable events. Snow Leadership Games Head Coach Fernando Sanchez-Arias, leading a special team of Nordic and European Academy graduates from Latvia, guided participants through a series of learning experiences. National leaders enjoyed the camaraderie and fun of the exercises while learning about the nature of leadership and team building needed in JCI. Each JCI Vice President led his or her own team of national presidents. President Rector and Executive Vice President Dominique Angles presented prizes and awards. Impressed with Junior Chamber Latvia While visiting Latvia, President Rector met with Martins Bondars, Head of the Office of the President of Latvia. President Rector told Martins Bondars that he was impressed with leaders of Junior Chamber Latvia. Thanking Bondars for his government's support of JCI in a country that has changed much since achieving independence in 1991, President Rector said, "I have no doubt that these young leaders and entrepreneurs will play a critical role in the future of Latvia and the whole Baltic Region." Commenting on the success of the ECD meeting, President Rector praised all participants and trainers, and stressed the fine work carried out by Latvia Junior Chamber. For additional pictures, please click here.
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