Noticias — February 24, 2003

The 2003 JCI World Congress in Wonderful Copenhagen

On November 3-7, Junior Chamber Wonderful Copenhagen will host the 2003 JCI World Congress, which will be chaired by JCI President Bruce Rector. Congress Organizing Committee members, headed by Congress Director Steen Toftegaard Poulsen, are planning to organize the best JCI World Congress ever. ?Our personal engagement and dedication make us strive to offer you an unrivalled level of service and quality,? they say on their website. They have set as their mission to provide you with precious memories of the 2003 JCI World Congress. Wonderful Copenhagen You'll discover that one of the great joys of Copenhagen is its compact size, which means that most of its main sights and attractions can be seen on foot. Copenhagen has to be one of the most walkable capital cities in the world, one in which you can go from visiting a fairy tale 17th century castle, to a cutting-edge cinema complex, or from a modern design center, to an historic amusement garden, literally within a couple of footsteps. A tour on the old canals is one of the biggest tourist attractions, and an experience you should not miss. The boats will take you through all parts of the old city and pass many of the most famous sights. Climate Climate in Copenhagen follows four distinct seasons. Temperatures vary considerably during the year, particularly during the winter period. July is normally the warmest month with an average temperature of just below 20?C (68?F). November is generally a coldest month with an average of just below 5?C (41?F). Language Their mother tongue is Danish, closely related to both Swedish and Norwegian. However, most Danes speak good English, as well as some German and French. Location and size Denmark is located in northern Europe between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. It is the southernmost of the tree Scandinavian countries and consists of a mainland peninsula, Jutland, and numerous islands. The capital, Copenhagen, situated in the island of Zealand, is the largest city. Denmark covers an area of about 44,000 sq km (16,639 sq mi). Politics Denmark has a well-established tradition of stability and democratic rule going back to the age of the Vikings. The country has a one-chamber parliament called the "Folketing," consisting of 179 members, based in Copenhagen. Since November 2001, Denmark has had a coalition government led by the Liberal party (Venstre). Denmark is a member of the European Union, the United Nations, NATO, and the Nordic Council. Population Denmark has a population of 5.3 million people, of whom seven per cent are of foreign origins. 1.7 million live in the Greater Copenhagen Area and the ?resund region, consisting of Copenhagen and southern Sweden (Skaane), has a population of 2.8 million inhabitants. Religion The State Church in Denmark is Evangelical Lutheran, but all religions are represented in the population. Protestant churches in major cities usually have services in English once a week. Transportation Getting here Copenhagen is easy to reach from any location. There are direct flights to and from 111 cities worldwide, several international train connections to and from Scandinavia and the rest of Europe, direct links to the European E-highway system, and international ship and ferryboat connections. Getting around Public transport in Copenhagen is safe, reliable, clean and inexpensive. Both trains and buses are frequent and efficient. As a city, it offers the fastest and cheapest airport-to-city-center rail link in any European capital: just a 20-minute ride at the cost of only DKK 22.50 (remember to purchase the ticket before getting on the train). The 2003 JCI World Congress Until the 2003 JCI World Congress in November, the Congress Organizing Committee will be providing you information about Denmark, Copenhagen, and the Congress. You can also go to their website. Don?t miss the JCI Copenhagen Congress in November 2003!
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